Earn and Learn Programme – Seri’s exciting ELP journey in accounting and finance

This week, we’re featuring Seri, another awesome Earn and Learn Programme participant! Check out her journey from uncertainty into awesomeness, right here.

Tell us more about yourself!

Hi, I’m Seri! I graduated from ITE College West, Higher Nitec in Accounting. I am currently in the Earn & Learn Programme (ELP) leading to a Diploma in Business Practice, Accounting. I work as a Finance Officer (Accounts Assistant) at KS Distribution Pte Ltd.

I aspire to be a Chartered Accountant someday, even if it takes me longer route to achieve it. I will at least cherish every step I take because it allows me to learn and experience. In hopeful, that I will become a stronger & braver person while facing the challenges throughout the journey.

My goal in life is to always find happiness within and enjoy the things I do. Something about me is that I tend to look at the positive side of life and find the good in everyone.

Do you remember the time when you graduated, and you were thinking about the next step? What was going through your head?

Back in ITE, I went through an internship programme that allowed me to get an overview of the accounting and finance industry. That was the moment my curiosity began to grow, and I wanted to learn and immerse myself further in the industry.

Upon graduation, my desire to pursue a diploma relating to accounting grew; I wanted to to discover and explore more of what it had to offer.

What made you decide on the Earn and Learn Programme, eventually?

I was exposed to this possibility only when the lecturers from Nanyang Polytechnic came by and gave a talk regarding the Earn and Learn Programme. I thought hard on whether I should take on this challenge; I wondered whether I could balance both study and work. However, I was convinced that this programme would allow me to pursue my interest and deepen my skills. I shelved my fears to take on this challenge as it was definitely a good opportunity. I didn’t want it to go to waste. And here I am!

How do you find your Earn and Learn Programme experience?

With the Earn and Learn Programme, I received lots of in-depth learning experiences that related to what I was pursuing, all with the help of my mentors in KS Distribution and the lecturers of NYP.

I managed to carry out my tasks smoothly thanks to the guidance of our Finance Team – the people there were very welcoming and helpful. The On-the-Job Training (OJT) blueprint was useful in allowing me to gain an overview on the roadmap of my career in the company. I look forward to achieving the milestones ahead of me.

With the knowledge I’ve gained so far in NYP, I’ve improved my skills and viability. Despite running on a tight schedule, the lecturers in my programme teach in a way that makes it easy for us to understand numerous concepts. Indeed, I’ve gained valuable knowledge and I’ve grown in confidence through the Earn and Learn Programme.

Could you share some advice to your juniors who are deciding on the next step after graduation?

While deciding on the next path upon graduating, it is best to find out more about the industry you want to pursue and know the things you are truly passionate about. You may seek opinions from your parents or lecturers.

If you’re considering the Earn and Learn Programme, do not hesitate to be bold. Be open to new opportunities because I assure you that it’s definitely a good start to boost your career.

All in all, don’t be afraid to take on the challenge because you’ll be surprised for the better person you’ll become someday. Live life with no regrets!

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