Earn and Learn Programme – Rais’ adventurous animation journey through the ELP

Tell us more about yourself!

Hello! I’m Mohammad Rais Bin Rahmat. I graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Diploma in Digital Visual Effects. I am currently working at EasyVideo SG as a Video Editor & 2D Animator through the Earn and Learn Programme.

I like to have my own adventures going around Singapore – along with my camera, to capture the sights and sounds of scenes happening everywhere. With the ease of smartphones nowadays, I navigate through Google maps to discover new places.

Do you remember the time when you graduated, and you were thinking about the next step? What was going through your head?

I didn’t really have much thought as I had to go through National Service (NS) before I can write my future! Haha. But yes, definitely – I had thoughts of pursuing further studies or jumping on the bandwagon of a working adult when I was about to end my two years of service.

Before that, I worked part-time at an audio-visual company. We were doing setups for stage performances and video recording. I enjoyed my time working as I was able to socialise with experienced work colleagues and learn new things everytime we got deployed for an assignment. Tiring, definitely, but an experience well worth.

What made you decide on the Earn and Learn Programme, eventually?

I chanced upon the Earn and Learn Programme during my time in NS. As a NSF, we have to attend a Career Fair a few months before we officially ORD. I looked no further than the Earn and Learn Programme. It was going to provide me with a 2-in-1 option of working and studying at the same time.

Ever since that day, I did my own research on the Earn and Learn Programme and asked my parents, lecturers and friends on their opinion. All of them supported my decision and I began my journey through the ELP. To add on, my friend ended up on the same road as I am!

How do you find your Earn and Learn Programme experience?

My experience has been terrific so far. I got the chance to be deployed for filming sessions as well as interacting with my clients – despite knowing that you will spend most of the time in the office editing. I have developed new skills such as communicating with clients, social networking with other parties, and knowing how to network with different people in various industries.

A video editor does not mean you have to stay in the office and edit all day long. We have to have mutual understanding of what the client wants and expects. Thus, networking has brought out my inner talkative self. I got to converse more with my potential clients. Who knows – that client might be your neighbour!

Could you share some advice to your juniors who are deciding on the next step after graduation?

Not only to my juniors but to my nephews and cousins as well. As we grow towards the adulting stage, always remember to stay grounded. Believe in yourself. You can achieve what you want in life, no matter how hard it is going to be to bring you there.

There are always opportunities like the Earn and Learn Programme where you can grow and develop your skills to be a better individual. So, are you ready to take on the next step?

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