Earn and Learn Programme – Chuan Kai’s Career Discovery Journey Into Information Technology

Calling all jobseekers! Looking for a way to upgrade yourself while pursuing a meaningful job? Chuan Kai tells us about his experience with SkillsFuture’s Earn and Learn Programme – check out the full interview below!

Tell us more about yourself!

Hi, I am Chee Chuan Kai. I graduated from NYP with a diploma in Engineering Informatics. I spend most of my time playing computer games – and little time in sports. That’s why I developed an interest in Information Technology.

Do you remember the time when you graduated, and you were thinking about the next step? What was going through your head?

After graduation, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to continue studying or start working right away. I used my two years in National Service to sort out this dilemma, but just two months before ORD, I found that I was still unsure of what to do. I considered taking a loan to further my studies but still struggled about work until I went for an army career fair for NSFs.

What made you decide on the Earn and Learn Programme, eventually?

During the career fair, I went around checking out booths to see if anything caught my eye. I then came across the Earn and Learn Programme and, after being introduced to it, felt that this was the best choice to pursue. I could get the best of both worlds – they would help me find a job related to my course while allowing me to study and upgrade myself after National Service. And let’s not forget the $5,000!

How do you find your Earn and Learn Programme experience?

The courses were very enriching. I learnt lots of new things and got the chance to refresh my memory for some old modules. Throughout the Earn and Learn Programme, I was able to update myself on upcoming trends in the IT field and got to know many peers. For the career side, I was fortunate to receive an offer from Activate Interactive Pte Ltd. My colleagues were always helpful and gave me plenty of guidance along the way. That’s what made this programme beneficial for me.

Could you share some advice to your juniors who are deciding on the next step after graduation?

I personally feel that if you’re struggling with a dilemma like I did, give the Earn and Learn Programme a try. It exposes you to your interests and you’re able to decide from there whether or not you like what you’re doing. It’s better than toiling through university, graduating, and finally discovering that you don’t actually like the work/industry.

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