A day in the life of an engineer in Circles.Life: Mayank Sharma

Have you ever wondered what a typical Circles.Life engineer does on a daily basis? Let’s meet Mayank, Circles.Life’s Senior Software Engineer, who just moved to Singapore from India three months ago. He’s in charge of creating and improving their products and ultimately ensuring that everything always works perfectly well, not to mention his love for helping his colleagues with any work problems they encounter.

Aside from his day role as an engineer in Circles.Life, he is an avid traveller and looks forward to exploring the region during his stint in the Lion City!

Circles.Life’s People & Culture team spoke to him to get a better understanding of his role as a Senior Software Engineer.

Let’s hear it from the man himself!

Could you tell me what is your day-to-day job like as a Software Engineer in Circles.Life?

Mayank: A typical day includes sprint meetings, planning and a lot of coding! If you want me to talk in English, let me give you an example.

Ever seen the pop-up notifications on the app? All these have to be coded on the backend. We do most of these things to ensure that the app works smoothly for the customers.

Why did you choose to work in Circles.Life?

Mayank: To be honest, I didn’t have a country in mind. Recruiters reached out to me from a lot of different places, and I felt that Singapore is a good country to start with. The work in Circles.Life is challenging and new. The culture was a lot about openness, growth and innovation; I knew I had to give it a try.

The interview process was also really exciting and cool. For my last round, I got a chance to interact with Rameez, one of the co-founders of Circles. It was an amazing opportunity to learn more about the organization and the vision directly from the founders. On top of that, I love to travel – and being in Singapore, I can travel to many places around the region.

What is the most rewarding part of your job as an engineer in Circles.Life?

Mayank: It’s seeing people use what we’ve built. It’s like seeing it in action. I love seeing that. Whenever I go outside and see people using Circles.Life, I will ask them for feedback on the app. Many customers love the app, and that’s something I commonly hear. It gives me a huge sense of accomplishment.

Having great colleagues to work with is another plus point. The culture here is great. I think it is a mix of both fun and work, not just work alone, which makes the job very enjoyable.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Mayank: Making sure that everything is working fine, 24/7. I think that it is the most basic expectation from us, something that we should do on our own as engineers without anyone asking. Being a very customer-focused telco, this responsibility grows exponentially!

How is it like transitioning to work life in Singapore?

Mayank: I love Singapore. It doesn’t feel that different from home! I’ve been to many places in Singapore the past few months.

I like the culture in Singapore as well. I love that Singapore has many varieties of food, especially Thai food, which is my favourite!

What is your biggest achievement working here?

Mayank: Exploring almost all of Singapore within two months. Just kidding.

Developing a lot of product features that are being actively used and loved by the customers, and by the internal teams since the beginning of my stint here. I think that’s a pretty good start!

What do you like the most about the company?

Mayank: It is not your traditional “come to office, work, work, work, go home, eat, sleep, and repeat” cycle. There will be a lot of work and expectations of you, but there are a lot of engagement activities and fun events.

Hackathons, war games, Family Day, and town-halls are organised periodically. There are team lunches and outings to further boost the bonding. And, did I mention?  The people here are awesome! They will be mentors, your buddies, and will inspire you to do your best!

PS: want to play Play Station in the office? Challenge me to a game of your choice the evening you join.


Talk about having an awesome work life! Mayank is just one of many guys and girls out there who are killing it in their startups – whether as an engineer in Circles.Life or otherwise. We’re pretty excited to see them transform their industries.

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