How to write the CV when applying for multiple jobs: 5 foolproof ways

Ever wondered how to send in a kickass CV for each job you are applying for? Never re-use the same CV for different applications, or start crafting a new CV from scratch each time round. The secret to letting your CV or resume stand out among tens or hundreds of applicants lies in tailoring your CV to suit each role. Follow these five easy tips on how to write the CV to boost your chances of being shortlisted for the job interview!

1. Pick out keywords from the job description for your CV

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Know what the employer is looking for by treating the job description as your holy grail. Your best clues are the qualities and skill sets highlighted in the job requirements. Like how you put your best face forward on your Tinder profile, state upfront how your training, personality and experiences matches what is desired by the employer. The first half of your CV should hook the employers and reel them in, so that your CV will not be deleted. Better still, plant a career objective at the very top of your CV. How so? See point 2. 🙂

2. Update your career objective to match each role on your CV

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Never underestimate the power of the all-important career objective or statement at the top of your CV – your career objective. In three lines, write down what your areas of expertise and your career goals are. Your CV’s career objective demonstrates to potential employers that your skills fit their bill and that you are keen to grow professionally in the role and beyond.

3. “Sell” your accomplishments on your CV to show your match

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Don’t be shy when it comes to showcasing your achievements, skills and experiences on your CV. Won a case competition? Published an article in a top publication of your industry? Completed an internship at the Big Four? Companies are always looking for winners and talent. Don’t leave any awards and achievements out if they’re relevant to the role, and you’ll get a chance to talk about them during the interview. This is yet another crucial point when learning how to write the CV for job-seeking purposes. 😉

4. Highlight relevant skills and experiences when you customize your CV

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What catches the eyes of employers who have to skim through huge stacks of CVs? Other than having a fabulous CV design, you also need to show direct skills training and relevant experiences clearly. If you do not have these, you can boost your chances of being considered by state your exposure and interest in similar scopes of work. Use industry keywords and buzzwords as you learn how to write the CV, and make sure not to leave out action verbs.

5. Show how you connect with the role in your CV

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Besides work and school, your interests and passions form an important part of your sense of self when it comes to career decisions. Show your connection and calling to the roles applied for in your CV. Employers will want to know if you believe in the mission and cause of the business.

Another part of how to write the CV well is to leave out clutter. Take the effort to exclude irrelevant information and highlight how you’re the perfect match for each role you’re gunning. Trust us, making careful CV customization pays off!

Now you have a kickass CV and nothing holding you back. Hop on our job platform and search for thousands of job opportunities today.

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