Creative Resumes To Ace That Interview

Have you been sending out countless resumes to several different companies, with none offering you even the chance of an interview? Maybe it’s time to take a look at your own resume and think about how you can spice it up.

Popular companies such as Airbnb can receive up to hundreds of applications within a single week. Google receives up to 6,849 applicants in a single day. Which is why it’s time to get out of the standard resume format and start jazzing up your resume to help it stand out from the stack of resumes piled up on the hiring manager’s desk.

We have compiled 5 insanely cool and creative resumes for you to gain inspiration from, and inspire you to spice up your own resume so that you can land an interview with your own dream company.


1) The Airbnb Resume



After having failed to secure an interview with her dream company through traditional methods like emails and job listings, Nina Mufleh decided to take things into her own hands.

She created an online resume which was modeled after Airbnb’s website.




And the highlight of her stunning resume was her analysis on how Airbnb could further expand their market reach through penetration in the Middle East. By doing this, she is taking the initiative and showing how she can contribute to the company even before being hired. Brilliant!



You can read her resume here.

2) The ‘Google Please Hire Me’ Resume



This was a desperate plea from a man who wanted to work at Google so badly that he made a video resume of himself and put it up on a website. Watch his video resume here. His sense of humor got him an interview with Google. Although he did not get the job at Google, he went on to work at another awesome startup called SigFig. Not too shabby!

3) The Cereal Box Resume (Free cereal!)

Victor Rodriguez was bored of creating traditional black and white resumes. Inspiration struck him one day when he was eating cereal for breakfast. Thus a resume that came in a cereal box was born! See more pictures of his resume here.



4) The Coding Resume

If you are a coder, you might want to consider taking a leaf out of Shanning Wan’s resume. He has managed to capture his resume in the form of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), listing out all his information and skill sets in code form. Now, how impressive is that?




5) The Amazon Resume



We all know that your resume is the platform in which you utilize to sell your skill-sets to the hiring manager. Philippe Dubost took that to the next level by setting up a website inspired by Amazon. He has even provided an option for the hiring manager to add him into the Wish List if desired!

Now that we have shown you our favourites, we would love to know which were your favorites and were there any brilliant resumes which you think we’ve missed out?

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