5 ways to design your cover letter and attract lots of attention

So you have found that perfect job position, everything in your resume and portfolio is in order, and you are really feeling hyped up about this job. 

You rub your hands with glee and you get ready to press the send button but wait, have you done up your cover letter?

The cover letter is always something that most applicants overlook, with some thinking that no one will ever read it. But that is a dangerous misconception. A compelling cover letter will help you snag the attention of the hiring manager, and could be the potential stepping stone you will need to get that dream job. 

Here’s why a cover letter is important

A cover letter is really like the cape that every superhero wears. While the cape doesn’t provide powers, it tells people who the hero is.

Your cover letter needs to show employers who you are. It needs to show your personality and enthusiasm for the job. It helps your hiring manager to form an impression of you before even meeting you. 

Here are five things to keep in mind while designing your cover letter.

1. Be Iconic

Let’s face it, no one gets excited reading a chunk of texts, especially if the hiring manager is often flooded with resumes, after resumes, after resumes. To stand out from a pool of applicants, use icons to represent some of the headers that you have to add that oomph to your cover letter. Let ’em creative juices flow. The usage of icons also help to bring attention and emphasize key information, so your hiring managers know where to look at. 

However, do not go overboard with the icons. The key is to grab the attention of your hiring manager, not let your cover letter be too complex and difficult to understand.

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2. Have a side column with your contact information

If you are a graphic designer or have a position in the creative industry, this one is for you! In the creative industry online portfolios are a huge thing, whether is it a website showcasing all your artworks if you are a graphic designer, or a video platform where you have uploaded your producer showreel. Consider having a separate column at the side of your cover letter, with your contact information, your social media handles (if it is related to your work) or links to your online portfolio. 

Doing so will help get your portfolio noticed by your hiring manager. How so? Having a separate column with links to your online portfolio is akin to pasting a post-it note on a document. It prompts the hiring manager to check out your portfolio. And if you have done a great job at that, you have almost won the battle.

3. Create a personalized image header

Do up a personalized image header to show the hiring manager that you are really committed for the job and that will sure score some brownie points. Hiring managers look out for how passionate an applicant is about the position and putting in a personalized image header would show them that you’re REALLY into the job, scoring you an A+ for effort! Of course, your cover letter will be sure to stand out among all the other documents and hiring managers at the company will be vying to grab their hands on yours. If you are in the arts and creative industry, having a personalized image header also works as a platform for you to show off your artistic talents and skills.

4. Minimalistic but chic

Applying for a position at a traditional firm might mean your cover letter shouldn’t be too flashy. Why not do up a basic cover letter but add a little twist? Give your cover letter some personality by playing around with colours and fonts – but not too many variations (up to three)! You could add in basic lines, or change up the colours of the title header just to give your cover letter that pop of colour without going overboard.

5. Come up with a personalized logo

Having a personalised logo will help to establish your personal brand and set you apart from other applicants. Play around with shapes, fonts and colours to customize your own logo. It would be best if your logo reflects your personality! Are you cheerful, playful, down to earth or basic? Let your individuality shine through your own personalized logo.  

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Now what are you waiting for? Go get that winning cover letter done so you can start applying for your dream job position with confidence! If you are still looking for that dream job position, check out our portal at Glints for an endless list of internships and jobs you can apply for.  

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