Why You Should Clean Up Your Social Media


We’ve all heard of infamous Cella. After clinching a job at Jet’s Pizza and hearing that it was a bad place to work, the Texas teenager posted a condescending tweet that landed her in hot water. Not only did her foolish tweet get her fired, it also made her the butt of jokes on the internet. Thus, this brings us to today’s topic on why no one should take social media lightly and how cleaning up your social media will help you clinch your next job.



Studies have shown that 1 in 3 candidates are rejected based on their unflattering social media statuses. What’s more, 65% of employers judge our professionalism in regards to our conduct during social settings. One thing’s for sure: sharing is not always caring.


How you should do it?

Cleaning up your social media is no walk in the park — especially when you’re a heavy user of the internet. The next time you’re on a job hunt, pause, and re-evaluate your social media dashboard. Are they offensive? Are they unprofessional? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, delete them!

1) Google yourself 

Search your name (in a few variations) on Google and see what comes up. Identify those images/posts that you deem inappropriate or detrimental to your job applications. Remove those images/posts from the respective social media platforms that they are on.


2) Clear

Clear is one of the few apps available on the market that prevents others from finding out your embarrassing statuses. It saves you a lot of time and is arguably more effective, as you don’t have to wasting time scrolling through page after page of your old posts. The app is still in its beta stage, so cross our fingers and toes that it’ll go live soon.


What you should do after cleaning up your social media account?

After cleaning up your social media, the next thing you should do is to set up an impressive LinkedIn profile! Follow the companies that you find interesting and familiarise yourself with the content that they regularly share and preach. You should also follow pages that interest you, as companies will identify these pages to be those that you feel strongly about.


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