How to build new skills for your job this summer in Singapore

Here’s a survival guide for all the ambitious millennials out there, who have set multiple goals to climb the corporate ladder. This climb will definitely not be easy and you can expect a few falls here and there. But to help you get going with your climb to reach the peak of your goals, here is a tip: it is essential to pick up and master new skills during your professional journey. So how can you build new skills for your job?

Learning new things along the way is beneficial in a multitude of ways. It would ensure that your professional career will never plateau, as you will be able to constantly value-add to your company. Picking up new skills would also allow you to venture into unknown territory, step out of the comfort zone and gain much more knowledge about the field that you are in. This way, you can stand out and leave a good impression on your bosses.

Want to know more about how you can build new skills for your job this summer? Read on and we will tell you how in just 4 simple steps.

1. How to decide on what skills to learn

You may be at a loss as to what skill you should start learning and we totally feel you – there is a million and one skills out there that you could learn if you had enough time. But here is a guideline to narrow down on that one skill that you may want to focus on for this year.

What excites you?

Now, maybe you could think about what excites you. What is something that has interests you and could be something that you would be passionate about?  Have you always been keen to learn graphic designing, UI/UX or marketing? Don’t hesitate and start creating a list of these skills you want to pick up.

What frustrates you?

If you can’t think about something that excites you, maybe you could think about something that frustrates you. Have you always been annoyed at work because you don’t have the relevant skills to do your work? This can be a goal for you to work on. Do not be afraid to admit your weaknesses and what you do not know. It’s never too late to start working on them.

What are you best at?

Alternatively you can think of your strengths and play them well. Find a capability that you think you could excel in based on what you are good at. This will help to develop your current talents and propel you forward. This way instead of being a jack of all trades and a master of none, you could focus on one skill that would be relevant to you and something that you would be good at.

What is relevant to you?

It would be good to learn some skills that would be relevant in your career. Learning a specialized skill in your field could put you in a better position to have your work recognized or to get a promotion.

General skills

If you really cannot think of any skills that you have a burning passion to learn, then you could go for general skills that you would require throughout your career. Communication and presentation skills are examples of these.

2) Setting achievable goals

It is always better to set goals so that you can focus on learning these skills properly. Setting goals help you to think hard about what you want to achieve, and what steps you should take to fulfil your goals.

Goals have to be set properly too. If you have not heard of the SMART goals framework, you could probably put it to good use now.

The SMART framework is also dubbed as the five golden rules that you should follow to set goals successfully. Try it and see if it works for you!

3. Look out for potential courses you could register for

Here are some courses that may you may find interest in. We have picked out a few skills that are in demand and have found courses that are related to these skills (These courses are all happening in Jun 2018, so get registering now!)

Alternatively, you can head over to LinkedIn, Hubspot or General Assembly to search for courses that would be relevant to you.

UI/UX Designer

  1. User Experience Design Bootcamp Remote (Online) –
  2. Lean User Experience (UX) –


  1. Introduction to Coding: HTML & CSS –
  2. Code in One Day: HTML, CSS & Javascript Crash Course –
  3. Building Your Marketing Technology Stack –
  4. Marketing Foundations: Customer Decision Journey –
  5. Content Marketing: Staying Relevant –


  1. Programming 101 Using Javascript –
  2. Python Programming 101 –

Digital Marketing

  1. Introduction to Google Adwords –
  2. SEO Training For Startups & Beginners –
  3. Creating A B2B Marketing Strategy For 2018 –
  4. Social Media Strategy Mapping –
  5. Google Adwords –

Data Analytics

  1. Tableu Bootcamp- This tableu bootcamp will teach you how to use the software tableu for easy data visualization:
  2. Storytelling with Data Science Workshop –

4. Tips to succeed

Have an accountability partner.

It is scientifically proven that people excel in life when they surround themselves with motivational, positive people. Get an inspiring and uplifting accountability partner that you can share your progress with and get them to track your goals together with you. You could set up regular check-in times, through a call or a short meet up over coffee to revisit these goals once in a while. If you find yourself falling back from your goals, you could brainstorm together to come up with strategies to get you right on track again.

Think small.

If you are aiming to excel in a certain skill, do not expect yourself to be an expert in it in just a couple of months. Start small and build mini victories along the way, for Rome was not built in a day. Having small goals and achieving them would also help you to keep yourself focused and motivated on the goal.

With this guide in hand, you could start listing down skills you would like to acquire and start setting SMART goals for them. Also, start looking for an accountability partner, or even better, get a friend to embark on this skill-building journey with you.  


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