5 reasons to begin your career at a startup


Aside from the fact that the working environment of a startup is generally a less daunting first step in your career (no formal dress, relaxed office atmosphere, very social), there are a number of reasons why beginning employment at a startup could be the best decision you ever make for your career.

Admittedly, most startups can’t afford to offer pension schemes, private healthcare or salary bonuses, but they can offer their own style of ‘bonuses’ that can be just as rewarding: frequent office nights out and events (more affordable and easier to organise with fewer employees), friday afternoon beers behind your computer, office pets, and every startup founder’s most prized perk… foosball tables!

Fun and frolics aside, there are more than a few genuinely invaluable aspects of a career in the startup industry that often remain unknown or unclear to graduates. As a startup company ourselves, we had a think about the biggest career perks of working at an SME – here are our top five…

  1. Emphasis on personal development – often with smaller independent companies, management are aware that not every young person has established the perfect role for themselves and are still deciding where best they fit into the company puzzle. For this reason, it’s common that startups are keen to help you develop whichever skills you wish to hone, even if this isn’t part of your specific job role. This not only gives you the opportunity to try out certain job roles that wouldn’t normally be open to you, but it will also endow you with a diverse skill set that will be extremely useful in future employment.

Smaller companies are in the position that they are able to take these kinds of risks with employees and monitor their progress in the process. They also know that allowing employees to work on their personal development will keep them happy and fulfilled at work, so it’s a win-win situation.

  1. Great work flexibility – Remote working is something that most startups are perfectly happy to support, and some companies even encourage it. Additionally, a 9-5 mentality is not very common amongst startups. Yes, you’ll occasionally be expected to work longer hours when necessary – this is just the nature of smaller companies which require that the whole team ‘muck in’ to meet deadlines – but this also balances out with the fact that there are often less restrictions when it comes to holidays and taking annual leave. In fact, some startups now have an unlimited holiday policy, and positive reports suggest this could be somewhat commonplace in the future.
  1. An impressive job title – The beauty of how startups operate is that your job title will be related to the role you play and the skills you have proven to possess whilst at the company as opposed to what experience you have or the qualifications you’ve achieved. This breaks down many of the age prejudices unfortunately still present in the working world, particularly in larger companies, and focuses on your abilities rather than the ‘time’ you’ve done.

As a result of this, you’ll find that you’re able to grow quickly within the company (if you have what it takes, that is!) and achieve more senior positions within a short space of time that could take years at large enterprises.

  1. More responsibility – Similarly, starting out at an SME is likely to give you a lot more responsibility in the workplace. Many larger companies are strict about what you can and cannot do, which department is in charge of what, and also what each member of staff is specifically qualified for. In contrast, in a startup environment there are often a lot more roles to be filled than there are paid members of staff. This means it’s likely that you’ll be given a lot more responsibility (if you want it) and the opportunity to juggle a few different roles simultaneously, which will make you very employable if and when you make that next step in your career.
  1. Know that you matter and that you’re making a difference – Beginning at the bottom in a corporate company can pretty much guarantee that none of your actions or anything you say will ever affect decisions within the company. At a startup, you can gain authority very quickly, and if you can prove that your ideas are good, this will be noted. Voice your opinion, and be heard – you never know what great places your ideas might take you to.

Essentially, what each one of these tips suggest is that a career in the startup industry is a great option, provided you have what it takes. If you’re hardworking and ambitious, you’re most likely better suited to a career at an SME, or at least giving it a try. A career at a corporate company can entail many years of waiting around to be given development opportunities – opportunities that you might see within the first month or two of working at a startup!

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