Becoming the productive guru you are during this winter break

The winter break is here, and you now have a lot of free time after slogging it out in school, grinding out that last uni essay, and meeting that TORTUROUS word limit. Time to waste your break away, forget your professors exist, and catch up on the latest memes. #YOLO.

Or you could gather a few fresh ideas for making full use of your holidays. Maybe you’ve mastered the memes by now. If that’s the case, here are a few things you can consider doing over the course of your break and become super productive with your time:



I bet you wish video gaming could be considered a skill. Unless you’re a top performer in the e-sports scene, it sadly isn’t!

You know what’s a skill? Computer programming. Knitting. Cooking (which is not the same as setting your kitchen on fire). Depending on what you like, you could stand to pick up a few classes this month. Your local community centre is probably brimming with them, whether it’s for sports or less strenuous interests.

A new language wouldn’t hurt either, especially if you’re intending to embark on a study exchange in the future. Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to converse with locals from, say, Spain? You can’t master Spanish in a matter of weeks, but you can get yourself started with handy resources like Duolingo and keep that momentum going for the rest of the year afterwards.

Either way, you’re learning something new this winter break – and you’re going to be all the better for it. Comprende?




Slacking off? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Consider giving your time elsewhere this holiday. Maybe a charity organisation or pet shelter is looking for volunteers? You stand to gain a lot more this winter break if you put yourself to some meaningful work.

Love Kuching is one such organisation, perfect for cat lovers. If you’re hoping for a more human touch, Willing Hearts’ soup kitchen is always looking for eager volunteers. Help out, pitch in, and meet new people – you’ll never know what experiences you might have! Even better if you decide to combine travel and charity into one endeavour. Why limit yourself? Get crackin’!




We know all about New Year’s resolutions, and how 90% of them revolve around health and weight. Eaten too many bagels this year? Overdosed on llaollao before their final farewell earlier this month? Are you even still tracking your calorie intake at this point?

Maybe you’re hoping to get off to a good start before saying goodbye to 2017.

You have every reason to make procrastination your enemy and get familiar with the gym, in that case. Rather than becoming one with the couch and wasting yourself away with Vine compilation videos, why not get your body moving and working towards to a resolution you’ll hopefully succeed in keeping in 2018? Find out what are the cheapest gyms and get moving during this winter break!




Spending quality time with your family and friends is one thing – why not take it to the next level by visiting nearby holiday spots like Krabi or Bali? This is probably a no-brainer to you, but travelling can really open you up and give you a great source of rest and relaxation before getting back to the grind in school. Budget wisely, get your itineraries ready, and make sure your passports are still valid!




Why not dig deep into your passions this winter break? If you’re a budding photographer, head out for some ambitious photoshoots. If you love music, get together with your pals and jam out; you might even want to try your hand at small-time gigs and hone your craft! The important thing is not to stagnate but keeping yourself engaged and invested in yourself as a person, even during a season of rest.

Sometimes we’re all about that potato life. We get it. But time is money, and as millennials, we have a lot to prove – both to the rest of the world and to ourselves. Find something meaningful to fill your time with during your winter break and level up! Catch us outside, how ‘bout that?


Sophia Lee

I used to freelance exclusively for Glints - now I'm a content marketing intern working furiously in the backdrop. Talk to me about writing any time! (Or we could have a serious discussion about video games and e-sports... that's cool too.) Find me on Instagram (@pxtrx)!

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