Advanced digital marketing: How using live videos on social media can beef up your audience engagement efforts

Gone are the days of web and television broadcasts. Nowadays, more businesses are revving up their digital marketing engines with social media tools. If you want to grab your consumers’ attention, plunge into the fray of live videos. People spend three times longer watching a live video compared to one that’s prerecorded. That’s a whole lot more time than we spend scrolling mindelessly on Instagram!

Live videos take audiences behind the scenes and into the hidden sections of a brand. This breath of fresh air is a huge pull-factor for 87% of audiences who would prefer online, live content to traditional mainstream media. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be in on the action? We’re all guilty of clicking that little circle icon on Instagram and swiping through the countless snippets every day. So why not add a little live video magic to your digital marketing routine?

As intimidating as live video streaming can be, there’s a whole bunch of brand building opportunities waiting to be grasped. We’ve put together a go-to guide for what broadcasting live regularly on social media platforms is all about:


Many social media platforms now offer live video functions with just a click of a button! Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the top three social media platforms that come cocked and ready.

Of course, we all know live videos have been used by celebrities and influencers for Q & A sessions and vlogging snippets. But how are live videos used for business? Ever had an exciting panel discussion with limited capacity? Fret not, live videos are here to save the day! Hop online and live-stream your company events, panel sessions, and interviews, or even an industry meeting.


We’ve been doing the same old posts with long captions for years. No longer do our audiences feel connected by words through a screen. I mean, how many of us just scroll past thousands of pictures without reading the captions?

According to Livestream, 80% of users would rather watch live videos directly from the brand than read a blog article. What’s more, a whopping 82% of users prefer live videos to social media posts.  

Not convinced? Here’s four reasons why you should start a live video schedule:

  1. Host-audience interaction

Going live means that your audience—wherever they are—are present. Hosts can ask questions and address the audience immediately through the comments section. The opinions of the people behind the screen are also taken into account immediately. Propelling the discussion forward, this back and forth interaction between host and audience will prove to have an engaging outcome.

Real time stats and figures are also presented in a jiffy! Through likes, favourites and comments, brands are able to see how much their consumers enjoy an idea. This also gives them a picture of how the reception to whatever product they intend to produce will fare in the market.

2. A little peek into your business

With so many veils over business processes these days, consumers really value trust. Going live not only beefs up your audience engagement, but also increases your company’s transparency. Speaking in real-time to audiences gives off a more personable quality to your company. It also allows breathing space to be casual, quirky, or serious, but above all: authentic.

Using live videos to showcase company processes or having ‘behind-the-scenes’ staff-led videos can also give more insight into how the company functions daily. Accepting comments and feedback on these processes can also help to increase consumer satisfaction.

3. Continued engagement even for non-live coverage

Doing frequent livestreams will create hype for subsequent projects and products. Live videos not only have power to engage audience in the moment, but also after streaming concludes. Posting polls on topics covered during the live videos and drafting articles post-streaming are just some ways to hold on to audience engagement.


Now that you’re convinced, how do you kickstart your livestreaming journey? There’s a couple of things to take note of, so we’ve narrowed it down to four simple steps!

1. Announce it beforehand on platforms

Whether it’s your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, announce when you’re going live with a catchy caption. Follow up posts nearer to the timing are also a good way to create hype for the event!

2. Wifi problems are a no-no

Test the app and the connection before going live. We wouldn’t want a session filled with glitchy images and technical difficulties. For Facebook Live, the ‘Go Live’ button will be grey if you have a weak signal.

Holding your phone up for more than 20 minutes will be a tough task.  Be sure to use a tripod to stabilise your phone! No one likes to watch shaky videos for a long period of time.

3. Boost past live videos

Save your livestreams! Whether it’s on highlights or posted on your website, adding past live videos as links to your social media sites will increase traffic. This can also help you gain followers who are interested in similar content.

4. Follow-up on stories after

Live videos are great and all but don’t forget all the other social media tools you have. Do thank your followers after the livestream and post updates or recaps about the topics discussed. Whether its posting a blogpost after or a using screen cap of the livestream as the newest picture on your brand’s Instagram, do it! Keeping your audience hungry for the next event is sure to build a stronger following. 

Stay winning with live videos

All aboard the live video train! Although live videos are a cool new platform to showcase your company and strengthen audience engagement, don’t forget about existing marketing platforms. The top tip we have for you is to merge all tools to form a cohesive digital marketing engine. We can’t wait to see you try out this fancy schmancy trick and boost your brand bust today!

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