A step by step guide to your job search in Singapore

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a millennial hungry for a new opportunity, we’ve got you covered! Starting your job search in Singapore can be nerve-wrecking, especially when you’re on the hunt for your first big break. Believe us, we’ve all been there. So here’s the 4-1-1 on all that’s got to do with your job search in Singapore!

How to job search in Singapore how to job search in SingaporeWhat you’ll need for a job search

Stepping onto a battlefield with no weapons is suicide. So what’s the first step? We’ll, it’s arming yourself. Yes, with all the job search tools you’ll need. From cover letters, to resumes and CVs, there’s a whole lot you need to gather before starting your job hunt!

Firstly, do you even know what kind of job you’re hunting for? Gather your thoughts and think about what industry you’re intending to break into. Another question you’ll have to ask is startup or MNC? Which are you a better fit for? Answering this huge question will help to narrow down your choices, especially when they’re SO MANY out there.

Secondly, it’s getting on job portals! Once you know what kind of positions you’re looking out for, get on those job marketplaces. These range from professional networking sites, ace-ing every career fair you go to and our very own marketplace right here at Glints! Set the filters to your desired industries and you’re ready to rumble.  

Lastly, network! Whether it’s learning to establish your network effectively on LinkedIn or using Facebook and Twitter—yes, facebook—as a springboard, go own it! Building your personal brand is a crucial first step to boost your job search in Singapore. N extra tip: clean up your social media profiles! You wouldn’t want an incriminating photo to be seen by a potential employer, would you?

The application process (dun, dun, dun)

Now comes the first hurdle: the anxiety inducing application. But where in the world are all the available jobs? Well, you’ll just have to know where to look. The most obvious starting point is of course, looking on job portals. Many job portals in Singapore are catering to millennials nowadays, so don’t be afraid to dive into the web for the best job deals!

We’ve talked about finding jobs through job portals, but what about looking for jobs outside of those portals? Your job search in Singapore shouldn’t be limited to just online searches. One way you can jump on the job search bandwagon in real life is to shine at career fairs. Learning to network like a champ online and offline can do wonders for your job search! Career fairs and hackathons will help you to build and maintain professional networks, which might be handy in the future! Not to mention, getting your online networking groove through professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Meetup is also a stellar way to put your profile out there—especially if you’re an introvert.  

Sending out your reinforcements!

Now that you’ve decided on what positions you’re going to be applying for, see if you have the tools for your application! When applying for jobs, the three most common phrases are ‘CV, resume and cover letter’. But what are these?

Now, CVs and resumes are pretty much mentioned interchangeably, but they’re actually different. A resume is a concise document (usually 1-2 pages) that you create to give future employers a brief look at your work history. A good resume includes your skills, education, work experience and qualifications. On the other hand, CV is the abbreviation of ‘curriculum vitae’—basically an entire rundown of what you’ve done so far. While resumes are usually tailored to each specific company or industry, CVs should contain as much information and can stretch beyond two pages. If you’re looking for a template for a bomb dot com resume, look no further and just click here.

On top of those two documents, there’s also a cover letter. What is a cover letter, you ask. An effective cover letter explains why you’re applying for the position, what you can offer the company, and also how you think the company could aid you in your journey as a professional. As a fresh grad, you might not have lots of work experience. Not to fret! Linking your past experiences in school or from internships will also give your potential employers a peek into your personality.

Contrary to popular belief, a cover letter isn’t supposed to be all drab and basic. You’re free to jazz up your cover letter in any way you want to show off your personality! There a ton of ways you could design your cover letter to attract the attention of HR managers. So whether you love bright colours, or are more of a minimalist, let your creative juices flow

When you’ve got these three documents ready to go, you’ll be able to tackle any job application! Remember to inject your personality deep into these tools, they’re what’s going to help you clinch that job offer.

The long wait

Ugh, are we there yet? While waiting for a reply, don’t slack off! You’re on your way to becoming an amazing young professional! Continue building your network on professional networking sites, attending career fairs, and conversing with other professionals! You could also continue your job search in Singapore by looking out for other positions sending out a couple more applications! You never know, the next job position you come across might just be the one for your dream job So don’t let the opportunity slip past your fingers.

Getting your first interview – and acing it

After a long wait, you’ve finally reached the interview stage. Here comes the heart palpitations! Some of you might think that going into an interview with zero preparation is the best way to give honest answers. NO! That’s throwing yourself under the bus. If you’re going to ace this interview, you’ll have to do your research. Preparing for a couple of common job interview questions you’ll be asked is a good way to ease your nerves. Not to mention, having several points you’d like to mention during the interview can also help you to deliver your answers more fluidly.

Perhaps the most important you’ll be asked of the lot is whether you have any questions for the interviewer. Prior to your interview, think of what queries you might have regarding the company’s work ethic, vision or culture. Interviewers love being asked relevant questions—it shows that you’re truly interested in the company, and are passionate about learning more.

Don’t just fade into the background post-interview. Remember to always follow up with a thank you email afterwards! Following up reminds the interviewer of who you are, and also places you as a respectful interviewee.

The job offer

Congratulations, you did it! Getting a job offer is an extremely exhilarating feeling. Now, it’s up to you if you want to take the offer up, or reject it. If you’re accepting a job offer, do write back promptly! It is always a good idea to send an email to express your gratitude and excitement about joining the company.

Usually, job offer acceptance emails are pretty brief. It should include thanks and gratitude for the opportunity, a statement of acceptance, and also open discussion about salary and starting date. This is also primetime to throw out any other questions you might have regarding the job itself.

On the other hand, if you decide to reject the job offer for another one, sending an email out is also basic courtesy. Of course, you might feel a little awkward rejecting a good offer, but don’t worry. You’re allowed to take charge of your own professional career! Be courteous in your rejection, offering reasons for the rejection.

In any case, a job offer is an indication that you’re ready to continue pursuing more opportunities. So whether it’s with another company, or the one that sent you the offer, you’re gunning for gold!

Hunting for a dream job

Now that’s never going to be easy. As a fresh graduate applying for your first job, chasing your dreams might get a little tiring, especially when swamped with rejections. But here at Glints, we believe in perseverance and determination. As the great Freddie Mercury once sang: no time for losers, cause’ we are the champions!

Are you ready to start your job search in Singapore? If your answer is a resounding yes, hop on over to our marketplace as your first stop!


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