A day in the life of a software engineer in Circles.Life: Xyriz Tan

Still curious about what goes inside Asia’s most disruptive digital telco? Or just wondering what an engineer in Circles.Life does? We’ve got another software engineer, Xyriz, here to provide an alternate perspective on his work and life in Singapore. He definitely had plenty to discuss when the People and Culture team sat down with him recently for a quick chat.

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Could you tell me what is your day-to-day job like as a Software Engineer in Circles.Life?

Xyriz: Developing new features, watching out for new exciting technology stuff, conducting technical interviews for applicants, and establishing new processes to streamline work and communication across teams.

Why did you choose to work in Circles.Life?

Xyriz: I joined Circles.Life back in January 2017, when almost nobody knew about them. Coming also from a telecommunications company in my home country, I could see clearly what they’re doing differently (they’re doing it right) and I knew that it would be a ride too good to pass up.

What is the most rewarding part of your job as an engineer in Circles.Life?

Xyriz: The most rewarding part is that we get to have a lot of say on the product direction. Being a smaller company compared to the major telcos, I can confidently state that individual impact is much greater.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Xyriz: The challenging part is having the ability to move things forward even amidst ambiguity. There’s no clear-cut blueprint for innovation; if it was too easy, then everybody would be innovating. Here, I learned a lot – in terms of working with a diverse set of people coming from different backgrounds, and achieving milestones together as a team.

How is it like transitioning to work life in Singapore?

Xyriz: I can only speak from my experience at Circles.Life since it is the first company that I joined here in Singapore. You always have to be on your feet; passive people will have a difficult time, especially in a fast-paced startup. You will be forced to get out of your comfort zone in order to accomplish goals while growing as an individual.

What is your biggest achievement working here?

Xyriz: It would be the vast improvement of our engineering process, especially on our mobile apps team. Transitioning from a one-man Android development team to a bigger team requires some foresight and implementation of processes and standards in place to keep every developer on the same page, to avoid miscommunication, and to have more clarity on tasks.

What do you like the most about the company?

Xyriz: The company embodies continuous improvement and being feedback-driven. No matter your designation, if it will help the customers, the team, or the company, everyone will be open to take it up and do something about constructive feedback.

Last but not least, free food and a nice coffee machine.


Sounds like an exciting opportunity no one should put down! If you’re pumped by what Xyriz had to share, take that energy and turn it into action.

Startups like Circles.Life are always on the hunt for their next intern, developer, and engineer – why shouldn’t the next one be you? You might just look back on this experience years down the road fondly. Don’t miss out!

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