7 well designed resume samples every millennial needs to see now

Did you know this? Hiring managers only spend 6 seconds on a resume before they decide if they should shortlist you. Make these 6 seconds count and make an excellent first impression on the hiring managers. How? We’ve got seven resume samples for you to look at here.

Why these resume samples will help – and why design is important

First impressions matter, even when it comes to resumes. When you are sending in job applications, your prospective employer’s first impression of you is based solely on what he/she sees on your resume.  You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! The importance of how your resume looks and reads cannot be underestimated.

Here are  7 well-designed resume samples that will get you to stand out among the sea of competitors applying for the same job!

1. Old but Gold

If you are applying for a job at traditional and long-established organisations, it is understandable that you do not want your resume to be too loud or over the top. But that does not mean that your resume has to look boring.

Here’s a chic yet minimalist resume that will catch the eyes of hiring managers.

resume samples

2. Creative Resumes


Here’s one for the graphic designers, producers, or anyone in the creative/media industry. Unleash your creativity and design a resume that not only reflects your talent and personality.

This one will perhaps get your ideas rolling.


resume samples

3. Because Pictures Paint a Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then the infographic resume may be ideal. Putting your skills and qualifications into a visual representation is definitely a compelling way for you to tell your story.


resume samples

4. Get Noticed with Colours!


If you do not want your resume to be too boring or too bold, then playing with colours would probably be an ideal choice for you. Check if the company that you are applying for has a corporate colour and you may want to incorporate that into your design.

resume samples


5. Go Horizontal


Choose to go against the norm of having a traditional, portrait resume and design a horizontal one to ensure that it jumps out among the pile of resumes that the hiring manager has to go through. A horizontal resume is not only visually attractive, but provides a balanced and spacious document that is easy to read.

resume samples


6. Personal Branding

For freelancers, having a strong brand identity will help the hiring manager to differentiate you among other competitors. Define your resume with a proper professional logo and choose a bold and chic colour or template to make sure you really stand out.


resume samples

7. Grids, grids, grids!

A grid-based resume would definitely be able to make a first impression as it is organized and structured, which makes it easier for your prospective employer to navigate. You could choose to divide your resume into different sections for your skills, personality and qualifications.


resume samples




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