7 software developer groups and meetups in Singapore you can join

As the tech industry is developing rapidly, Singapore sees a high demand for software developers with skills in big data, analytics, cybersecurity and iOS/Android development. At the same time, Singapore is facing a major shortage of IT professionals. Many companies find themselves opening up more software developer positions and offers a junior software developer in Singapore with an average wage of $2.6k to $3.3K monthly. If you decide to be a self-taught developer or obtain a programming job in a startup, we’d highly recommend following these software developer groups and meetups in Singapore to build a solid network in this industry.

Software developer meetups in Singapore you’ll like

1. Singapore Spring User Groupsoftware developer meetups in singapore

PHOTO: Singapore Spring User Group

One of many meetups in Singapore for developers, this group discusses topics on open source technologies. With close to 2000 members, everyone shares their tips on various softwares as well as provide solutions to the nitty gritty problems any of them face.  

Their meetups in Singapore are held every first Thursday of the month.

2. DevOps Singaporesoftware developer meetups in singapore

PHOTO:  DevOps Singapore

DevOps is another key skill the IT industry is on a lookout for. As each country practices different cultures of DevOps, this group helps professionals, developers as well as engineers to better understand the practices and tools in a local context.

They organise a DevOps Day yearly so do keep a lookout for 2018’s edition!

3. Pydata Singaporesoftware developer meetups in singapore

PHOTO: Pydata Singapore

With over 3000 members, this group shares about the use of the Python tool. Other challenges faced by a developer which includes data management, analytics and processing are also being discussed.

They are supported by NumFocus which partners with IBM, Microsoft and Intel. So, be sure to get all the nitty gritty insights to make the best out of your developer career.

They hold monthly meetups which may include speakers from Google Singapore and CEOs as well.

4. .NET Foundationsoftware developer meetups in singapore


With over 58,000 members, the independent organization serves as a platform for sharing their expertise. Commercial and community developers as well as enthusiasts, are welcome to join in. Net Foundation is the global site whereas .Net Singapore caters to the needs of locals.

In partnership with Microsoft, they organise monthly meetups focusing on cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and containerization of ASP .NET Core web app.

Their next meetup is going to be held on the 25th, join them as they share the latest technologies of the year.

5.Singapore JSsoftware developer meetups in singapore

PHOTO: SingaporeJS

They provide a platform for developers to share their concerns and hacks on javascript, Node.JS and the modern web.

Their next meetup is going to be on the 24th where they’ll be sharing some coding hacks and challenges. Subsequently, their meetups are held monthly. If you are not able to drop by, they have an online chat for you to drop any queries you may have with regards to their focused topics.

6. GITHUBsoftware developer meetups in singapore

PHOTO: Github.com

They are the world’s leading software development platform for developers. Anyone from all around the world could help build a particular software. With contributors not necessarily from the same country, everyone in the team is able to get suggestions and reviews to better build the software together.

Eventually, the software built on this platform could be used by millions around the globe and who knows, make some money out of it too!

They do not do meetups but their online site allows anyone to share their views after you have signed up for free.

7.Big Data Developers Singaporesoftware developer meetups in singapore

PHOTO:Big Data Developers Singapore

Sponsored by the International Business Machines (IBM), they are a big data meetup group. From data analytics to app development and visualisation for Big Data, here’s a group to follow especially if you aim to work or start your own businesses someday.

Their meetup slightly differs from the others where its held for up to an hour followed by a 3-hour collaboration with other developers to practice the Big Data skills they have discussed earlier.

We hope these software developer groups and meetups will help you acquire better skills as a software developer or get deeper insights into the industry. Also, the groups have been picked specifically with reference to the in-demand skills software developers should possess.

There are many other meetups for software developers that are held every other week, all year round. Have a look and free up some time to attend them with other developers!

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