7 Singaporean companies that don’t discriminate against you for who you are – Proud Spaces

What does it mean to be inclusive in Singapore society? Today, it’s getting even more important to make the workplace an equal and safe place for everyone, free from judgment or hate.

We asked 7 companies (including ourselves) about their beliefs and values towards having an inclusive culture, and why they’re participating in Proud Spaces organized by Chope this Saturday, 7 July.

About Proud Spaces

Proud Spaces will be one of amazing activities under PinkFest, a two-weekend event presented by Pink Dot as part of its 10th Anniversary. PinkFest will be “a festival of reflection, collaboration, and jubilation, connecting the dots that make up our diverse, colourful society.

Check out the participating companies below!


Airbnb is a global travel community that offers magical end-to-end trips, including where you stay, what you do and the people you meet. A large part of the audience believes Airbnb to stand for just renting their spaces. But in actuality, we are all about sharing our homes. A house is merely a space, but a home is a place where you feel like you belong.

Why are you participating in Proud Spaces?

Building relationships and connections are the basis of creating a world where anyone can belong. With that mission in mind, we have been partnering with organizations to advance this cause. It is our duty as a recruiting team to promote diversity and belonging, and we need to engage all communities to achieve this reality.

Policies geared towards granting equal benefits for employees

Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where the 7.4 billion people of the world can belong anywhere. In line with its mission, talent policies are crafted such that they are pro-family with child-bonding leave available to all parents (birth, adoptive or partners of the same gender) as well as flexible work hours depending on arrangements with their managers.

Employee-led resource groups are also encouraged so as to bolster an inclusive culture. These groups, called “Airfinity”, celebrate individuality and how that makes the community great. They also generate awareness and advocacy around issues that employees value and guide the company’s initiatives in recruitment, leadership, product development, and community outreach.

The company’s culture and how we support our employees and invest in them are the foundation to Airbnb’s success. Just as we are trying to create a world where anyone can belong, we want our employees to truly feel they belong at work.

Want to belong in Airbnb? Click here: https://www.airbnb.com.sg/careers


Chope helps diners discover the best and most popular restaurants in Asia, all while being able to make reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.

Our culture is one that prides inclusivity, flexibility, and accountability. Big believers in the ‘hire fully-formed adults and treat them like adults’ mantra, we strive to ensure an office space where all employees feel safe, appreciated, and able to push themselves to develop and grow with the support of their peers and managers.

Why are we organising Proud Spaces?

Stirred by the experiences of LGBTQIA+ friends and colleagues feeling trapped and unsure about their ability to be out in the workplace, we wanted to send a message that it isn’t always like that in Singapore. Sure, people know that the Googles and the Facebooks are open and diverse, but how about the local companies? We were sure that other companies felt it was important too, and with the great response to Red Dot For Pink Dot, we thought a career and culture showcase was the perfect idea.

Policies geared towards granting equal benefits for employees?

Very early on, we felt that it was important to back up a culture of inclusivity with policy. As a result, we work hard to create equitable outcomes when it comes to benefits. For example:

Marriage Leave in Singapore tends to be limited by the laws surrounding marriage, but we approve marriage leave on the basis of the celebration/ceremony, not on whether it’s legally recognised. So whether it’s a same-sex union overseas, or a ceremony here, that’s covered in our wedding leave policy.

Similarly, we make specific allowances for childcare policies that apply beyond the traditional nuclear families. While adoption and other alternatives have been a bit contentious in Singapore recently, we strive to look beyond that and address our employee’s family units as per how they define them.

Most recently we’ve also started implementing a more detailed code of conduct that takes the broad guidelines we had on ‘discriminatory speech’ and ‘hostile work environments’ and expanded it based on a published code of conduct by one of our investors.

If you want to join this amazing company, click here for internships and here for full-time roles!


ShopBack is leading the wave of smarter shopping in Asia Pacific, offering a one-stop lifestyle portal that powers smarter purchase decisions for consumers! Powering over 1,300 ecommerce merchants across various verticals from Fashion, Travel to Food and Electronics, we bring you the best online deals and show you #TheSmarterWay to shop.

Why are you participating in Proud Spaces?

At ShopBack, we believe that diversity breeds creativity. We would love to bring onboard more talent from different walks of life to join our growing family in redefining APAC’s ecommerce landscape!

How does the company culture make it a safe, inclusive space?

We focus on the value individuals bring to the table culturally and in terms of work capability. Everything else is secondary to us. We are also proud to share that our ShopBack family consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds, with more more than 15 nationalities and an approximately equal gender ratio to boot across our 8 regional offices! As our headcount grows, we remain committed to fostering inclusivity via inter and intra-team bonding initiatives. Wanna know how? Ask us at our booth this Saturday, 7 July 😉

If you want to be a part of Shopback, click here!

amc asia!

At our very core, the amc asia! mission is to excite, impress, and inspire our audiences. To us, experiential marketing & strategic events isn’t just your ordinary Friday night out, it’s the night out to beat all others. The one you’ll be laughing about and retelling over a drink (or two) for a long time to come.

We believe that the happiest people are the most productive, and have designed an “aWEsome” office environment – complete with free beer on tap, beanbags, and hammocks – to inspire out-of-the-box ideas and give team members room to excite and inspire. Beyond the free booze, team members have a say in, and are regularly updated on company affairs. We also have flexible working hours, a casual, comfortable work space and regular outings to celebrate their special moments. Because after all, happy people make productive people.

Why are you participating in Proud Spaces?

We are always on the lookout for people who dare to disrupt and make a difference in everything they do. Of course, that’s just another day in the office for us – but this isn’t about us. Proud Spaces gives companies like us an opportunity to showcase our culture of inclusiveness to struggling individuals who want to be heard, seen, and not feel like a cog in the corporate machine. It also helps that we grab at any opportunity if it means we could be a little extra.

How inclusiveness is part of the company’s values

We believe in building and maintaining a culture of co-creation, where creativity can flourish. Apart from our focus on building a community of happy, productive workers, we embrace – if not applaud – the mad hatter in everyone. After all, the one way to fully experience creativity is to jump down the rabbit hole and let your imagination run free!

When you inspire people to come together and creatively contribute perspectives from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, and sexualities, you set the stage for a level of individuality and authenticity that challenges the status quo, bringing us back to our foolproof credo.

Does this sound like your cup of tea? Visit here for openings!


E’s FITNESS is an award-winning gym (Best Specialised Gym in Asia 2018, Best Female Trainer in Asia 2018 – Fitness Best Asia Awards) that foresees leading the reinvention of quality health for a lifetime.  We aim to provide the convenience of simplifying health to 3 stages in personal training while providing a personal touch in small group 30 min classes towards building a community that helps create lifelong relationships.

Our culture sustains employee enthusiasm. Our founder, Elinn, wants happy employees because happiness means more productivity. We believe it’s worth the investment for companies to build and nourish their culture.”The reason why I’ve built a company is because I think a company is by far the best way to get the best people together and align their incentives around doing something great.”, says Elinn.

Why are you participating in Proud Spaces?

E’s FITNESS would like to share our opinions on inclusivity and diversity at work spaces in Singapore, simply through our work ethics and culture. To us, diversity is people with different backgrounds, experiences and lives working together to achieve a common goal. Diversity is important in the workplace because it helps employees relate to a wider customer base and helps to create a fun and exciting environment in which to work together.

How does the company culture make it a safe, inclusive space?

Our founder Elinn involves every single person into treating our company like their own. Each employee at E’s has a voice and a meaningful impact on the company and its direction. They know that anyone can win a debate with our founder no matter the ideas and issues. They also know they can create tools for the company without the need for management approval. Elinn believes companies have greater success when employees are given this type of freedom that isn’t ruled by a hierarchy.


(as told by Marcus Tan, co-founder of Carousell)

Company Culture

Our mission at Carousell is to inspire every person in the world to start selling. At Carousell, we have 5 core values that we embody.

  • Mission-first​: When faced with difficult decisions, always look to the mission. No single person’s ego should come in the way of the mission
  • Solve problems:​ Carousell was conceived because of our focus on solving problems. And this focus is what will keep us improving, always.
  • Relentlessly resourceful: ​We do things that do not scale. And we work around constraints. We’ll do whatever it takes to delight our community.
  • Stay humble: ​We are always less than 1% done. Our mission is to serve the world, and we want to make online selling accessible to every person who’s connected to the internet.
  • Care deeply: ​We always ask how we can do better. And we go the extra mile to help and improve wherever possible.

Why are you participating in ​Proud Spaces​?

We are glad to be part of Proud Spaces this year alongside other local companies who believe in creating an inclusive, safe and diverse workplace. Creating a diverse workplace with people from varying backgrounds and experiences is immensely valuable to us at Carousell. When you get people from different cultures, schools of thought and backgrounds together; you bring new perspectives to the table and encourage progress.

Carousell has ambitious expansion plans and our team reflects that. We have grown from a lean team of three when we started in August 2012 to having more than ​200 people from over 20 different nationalities backgrounds and interests. Despite our different cultures, we work as ‘One Carousell’. We believe that the right talent can come from any background as long as they embody our five core values and have the same mission in mind. We hope that through Proud Spaces, we will be able to find the right people to further the Carousell mission.

As a fast growing organisation, we are currently looking for passionate people across a variety of technical and non-technical roles to join our family and be part of our mission. We are hiring across functions like Product, Engineering, Marketing, Sales and more. Find out more here!


Glints is the first career discovery and development platform, and recruitment network for young professionals in Asia. Our mission is to help young people discover the careers they love and to develop the right skill set, while empowering employers to hire the right young talent effectively.

Why are you participating in Proud Spaces?

When Chope reached out to us to participate in Proud Spaces, there wasn’t a slight bit of hesitation at our end. At Glints, the only factor that differentiates greatness is the ability to add value to the company and society, and that is often defined by the intellect, resourcefulness and attitude of the individual. It was never about the colour of a person’s skin or who they love. Why would we limit ourselves that way? Why would anyone? 🤔

Even if you’re attracted to aliens 👽 we do not discriminate 😉 so long as you have the right characteristics and culture fit, we’d like you on our team 😎 #GlintsisReady Are you?

How does the company culture make it a safe, inclusive space?

5% of our employees are from the LGBT community 🙌 Need I say more?

Numbers aside, the idea of a safe and inclusive space is encapsulated in one of our 6 core values – Beginner’s Mindset. Everyone at Glints is respected and their thoughts and emotions are given fair chance on the stage. Whether you’re the CEO or an intern, you have the right to provide feedback about anything or anyone. In fact, all of us encourage and seek out feedback for our own continuous improvement 🙃

Believe you have what it takes and want to join us in our mission? Wait no more. Join the tribe now!


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