7 Personal Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Today

You probably use Instagram to get yourself updated about the happenings of your friends and family’s lives, check out the latest food trends or even stalk crazy cute pictures of puppies and kittens (we’re guilty of that too) from popular Instagram accounts.

However, did you know that Instagram can also be an excellent platform for you to expand your horizons and get a never-ending flow of knowledge and inspiration? It’s probably time for you to revamp your Instagram feed, and follow some of the top influencers around the world to get daily dose of motivation, inspiration or positivity amidst your daily hustle.

Here are 7 Instagram accounts we love that you should follow today.

1. Richard Branson

Founder of The Virgin Group empire and even an owner of an island, mega-entrepreneur Richard Branson’s Instagram reflects his life of luxury and riches. But this guy’s not all about the money.

From time to time, Branson posts snapshots of the conservation work that he has done, or time spent with his families and friends. Get your weekly dose of motivational quotes from him too, with his ‘#motivationalmondays’. Revealing different facets of his personality and life, Branson definitely stands out from the list of successful entrepreneurs on Instagram.


2. Gary Vaynerchuck

We’ve got to admit that
Gary Vaynerchuck may not be everyone’s cup of tea. In his Instagram videos, he may come across as loud, hyperactive and bombastic. But this guy dishes out pretty good advice too!

Follow Gary Vee and hear life tips from the man who founded social media digital agency Vaynermedia who craft social media strategies for Fortune 500 companies.


3. Maria Forleo

Dubbed by Oprah as the thought leader of the next generation,
Maria Forleo is a life coach, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. We think that Forleo is that girlfriend that we all want to have in our life, someone who dishes you empowering, motivational speeches when you’re down, and someone who peppers you with daily doses of motivation. Her Instagram posts would definitely perk your day up!


4. Stefan James 

Stefan James is a multimillionaire who is more than willing to go the extra mile. James is the founder of Project Life Mastery, a life coaching platform that guides you to master every aspect of your life and live your life fully. Following his Instagram gives you a glimpse of Project Life Mastery’s updates as well as some of the mottos and values he lives by.

Our favourite quote from him? “It’s all those little steps and actions today, the consistency of that leads to the big rewards and successes in life.”


5. Iris Apfel

At 96 years old, Apfel is an interior and fashion designer and a business women. Iris Apfel’s Instagram page is a testament to how one doesn’t need to stop having fun even when we are old. Her Instagram is updated with pictures of her unique, quirky fashion style at fashion shows, or her catchups with her other celebrity friends. We can tell that her passion for fashion is strong – it is definitely a reminder for all of us that we can work on projects that we love, at whatever age.  

We all wish that we can be as cool as Apfel when we turn 90.


6. Alexa von Tobel

Founder and CEO of Learnvest, a personal finance website, Tobel’s Instagram profile gives us bite-sized updates on her life. We look in wonder at her Instagram profile as it seems like she’s got her roles of a mother, an author and an entrepreneur all balanced out perfectly. A wonder-woman indeed!


7. Emma Watson

Emma Watson should be every girl’s role model. While she was once famous for her role of Hermoine in Harry Potter, Watson has shed of her Harry Potter past. She is now famous for for championing rights for women, sustainable fashion and many other meaningful causes. Also, check out her book recommendations which you could be sure to trust, coming from a voracious bookworm.


What are you waiting for? Time to follow these awesome Instagram accounts!

Grab your phone, ready, set….click!

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