7 Strong Examples of Personal Brand Statements for Working Millennials in Singapore

As you work on preparing ahead for a career post-graduation, consider looking to your betters for inspiration and motivation – especially when it comes to kicking ass at personal branding. Strong personal brands – and their statements – are often an invitation for your audience to either know right away what it is you specialize in or to simply know you as a fellow human being. A compelling statement and summary will attract attention and curiosity – and that’s what you want. So we’ve got seven strong examples of personal brand statements you can follow today that totally rock.

Take a look below and see what makes these people shine online!

7 strong examples of personal brand statements, from entrepreneurs to thought leaders

1. Scott Bales

examples of personal brand statements

Scott employs the use of unique keywords to describe himself. The most notable one in question would be “ronin,” which means “a samurai or warrior without a lord or master.” Do you see what it does? Right away, people know that Scott is not a follower but a leader in innovation. He gives you the idea of a trailblazer – someone who takes risks and is ambitious in his own right.

The rest of his bio goes on to reveal more aspects of him, and even links to his personal Twitter account. It is reiterated again later that he is an advisor in innovation, and has also been a best-selling author. This style of personal branding is attention grabbing and concise. Scott is a man who has made achievements in his field, and is someone you’ll definitely want to follow if you hope to learn more about innovation.

2. Aman Narain

examples of personal brand statements

Aman is a self-described “business transformation junkie” whose Twitter statement reveals where he used to contribute on top of expressing his commitment to business transformation work. This is another effective way of attracting attention – from potential clients or otherwise. It gives you a good idea of his past experience and makes you want to know more, since he’s dropped big names like Google and Standard Chartered. Aman definitely knows how to work a Twitter statement, making him one of our favourite seven examples of personal brand statements to follow!

3. Dan Sally

examples of personal brand statements

Dan Sally’s personal branding approach employs the use of comedy – something that’s intricately linked to his past experience before becoming a software sales professional with HubSpot, a reliable platform for inbound marketing and sales. Once the audience is amused enough, he seizes their attention further by detailing his experience in SaaS sales. Dropping names like David Ortiz and Martha Stewart certainly doesn’t hurt either! We know now that Dan is a man that has become accomplished in the field of SaaS sales after leaving Comedy Central behind – and still manages to lead a pretty interesting life.

4. Jonah Silberg

examples of personal brand statements

Jonah from Wistia – a software company that provides solutions for creating and managing videos for business marketing – works his magic through telling you right away what his mission is. The next part of his statement takes you to a deeper, more personal level – and despite the brevity of these few sentences, it’s enough to make you want to know him more. His personal branding approach appeals more to one’s emotional side, which also correlates to the nature of his work. He doesn’t waste time with getting his point across either.

5. Raphael Parker

examples of personal brand statements

Raphael Parker makes use of a similar formula like Aman, except that instead of listing down his past experiences later, he brings it forward to the beginning of his personal statement and summary. Right away, we get a glimpse into a decidedly rich career history before he brings us back to the present. It’s comprehensive, to the point, and interesting. He doesn’t tell you about his job in a bland way, but adopts evocative language (look at phrases like “incredibly bright” and “fanatically devoted”) – precisely because his job is engaging and interesting in and of itself.

6. Tan Teck Heng

examples of personal brand statements

Teck Heng’s personal website boasts a rather engaging summary, starting off with his profession and mention of his aspirations as well. The last paragraph takes on a more personal, friendly voice, and it feels almost as if he’s talking directly to you. It gives an idea that he could be just as friendly and approachable in real life. All in all, Teck Heng’s personal branding exudes an aura of friendliness and pleasant banter.

7. Tan Hwee Hwee

examples of personal brand statements

Tan Hwee Hwee’s personal statement is another great example to follow. She details to us exactly what her mission as a writer is and how her services benefit clients and her audiences as well, and displays herself as a writer that prioritises meaningful work through the use of phrases like “help companies achieve their dreams” and expressing how she uses her “writing gifts” with clear purpose. Further down, she includes a personal touch by linking people to her personal website.

These seven strong examples of personal brand statements are definitely personal brands you should follow and draw inspiration from. The key idea is to be straightforward while injecting an element of you into it. Are you naturally funny or witty? Does your work relate to a more emotional side of business? How do you provide value in your service to the people you work with? Learn from these examples of personal brand statements and start to work on your own.

Hopefully, you’ll carve out a personal brand statement that works well in your favour in time to come. After that, it’s time to kick-start that career you’ve always dreamed of. Hustle hard!

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