6 ways Singapore university graduates can kick start their careers without going full-time

Getting a job immediately after graduating (scratch that)—getting a job before graduating is something that most Singapore university  undergraduates and graduates strive for. We have to admit, seeing everyone around you rejoice, waving their offer letters on Instagram is a pretty crappy feeling. But honestly, most of us get sucked into seeing career progression as only one thing—a full-time job. Nu-uh! Contrary to what everyone else says, that’s not the only way to kick start your career.

The importance of getting matched with the right job post-grad

The funny thing is, getting sucked in a whole mountain of job interviews and applications during your final year or post graduation might lead you to make the wrong career choice! Sometimes, the desperation to secure a full-time job as a Singapore university graduate might push you to accept a job you might not truly want. And that’s one HUGE mistake.

Your first official ‘adult’ job is one that will probably set the tone for your future career. Expectations are high, both on your part and that of the company’s! If you don’t know exactly what industry to go into post-grad and you’re blindly shooting at job opportunities, you’re going to be throwing yourself under the career bus.

On the other hand, if you’re someone without a full-time job offer, you might be freaking out. Well,  a little anxiety is expected, but it really isn’t the end of the world.

What to do if you don’t have a full-time job offer in sight

You’re bound to feel tons of pressure from around you, especially from your peers that are entering the workforce on after another. However, you aren’t at a dead-end like you might think. Here are a couple of options to consider if you’re in this predicament!

Consider an internship

This option isn’t just for Singapore university graduates without job offers! Many graduates with job offers waiting also turn them down in favour of internships. An internship offers you in depth experience into a company that you’ve set your sights on, as well as a chance to expand your professional network within an industry that you’re interested in. Sometimes, your dream company might just have a once-in-a-lifetime internship open for application. Now, who wouldn’t jump on that train right away?

Also, internships might lead to a possible job offer. So if you decide to intern at a stellar, swanky company, don’t let your guard down! Do put in your best effort, not just for the company, but also for yourself! You might just be offered a permanent position after your stint!

Or a part-time job

Just like internships, part-time jobs also offer you experience in the workforce! Most part time jobs require one to deal with co-workers and the general public, cultivating your communication and interpersonal skills. Employers seek Singapore university graduates that are able to see through the mundane, and bring resilience to their work. So don’t rule out the possibility of taking up a part-time job. Better yet, give it a try while you’re schooling if your schedule permits!

Dabble in freelancing

The freelance market has exploded in recent times! If you’re someone with a particular skill set like graphic design, UX/UI design, or copywriting, freelancing might be a great first step to kickstart your career! Seeking freelance opportunities as a Singapore university graduate doesn’t have to be difficult. Head on over to freelancing portals such as freelancezone.com to search for opportunities. On the other hand, you could also try your hand at cold emailing companies, to see if they’re interested in working with you.

Often, a solid portfolio of past work is enough to grant you a freelance opportunity. So if you’re talented at illustration or coding, don’t shove your credentials under the rug! You might even be able to turn your freelancing gigs into something permanent in the future.

Volunteering while job hunting

You might think: what’s the point of helping out elsewhere when I can’t help myself? That’s where you’re wrong!

Firstly, volunteering helps build you network. Depending on where you stretch out a helping hand to, you’ll be able to meet people from all walks of life. These invaluable connections can be crucial to landing you a future job, or introducing you to a future employer.

Secondly, volunteering also open new opportunities for you to learn or enhance your skills. Say you’re volunteering to be part of an organising committee or an event planner. Being involved in this entire process will help you in your work experience, especially if you’re lacking in that area.

Thirdly, volunteering makes your resume look extra good. Having volunteer experience shows that you’re a well-rounded individual, and also that you contribute to society. Employers usually take this as a sign of initiative, adaptability and lifelong learning.

Start networking wherever you can

Not starting a full-time position certainly isn’t an excuse to slack off on the networking! As stated previously, networking could possible open doors to job opportunities for you. If you’re in a bit of a job rut, continue using online networking websites such as LinkedIn to start conversations with other professionals. We recommend hopping on the Meetup bandwagon as well! Regularly attending events is also a great way to put yourself out there and form personal connections. After all, nothing beats face to face interaction!

Utilise the best job portals out there

And lastly, don’t give up on the hunt! Just because you’ve faced a few rejections, doesn’t mean that’s it. That’s why networking is extremely important! Sites like Linkedin have built in job portals, so do keep a lookout for any job opportunities that pop up while you’re on the site. Continue the hunt on the best job portals available out there: JobsDB, JobStreet and of course, Glints!

Rev up your career engines

We’re ready to go! We know, not getting a job offer before you graduate from a Singapore university can be pretty daunting, but it might just be a blessing in disguise. Here at Glints we believe that there’s no right or wrong path. Sometimes, straying from the norm might just take you even further than you’ve ever dreamed of!

Ready to kickstart your career? Head on over to our marketplace today!

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