6 reasons why you should go for a 6 months internship after poly before uni

School’s out and you’re finally done with the stage of formal education known as polytechnic. So what’s life after poly? Time to level up. You’re thinking you’ll join the rest of the population next by applying to university. You still have about six months in between graduation from poly and enrolling in uni! Why not spend it on an internship after poly?

You’re not going to have another six months of precious youth in your life to explore your professional interests and career inclinations! Now’s the best time to look for an internship of your choice when you’re fresh out of poly, just before going to uni. Here are six reasons why.

1. Get to know yourself better

What can you do in the half-year that you have as a young adult trying to find your place in this world? Give yourself the gift of self-discovery. Remember that you’re solely in charge of your own career development. There is no other better time than now to try something you think you’re interested in and see if it works out, whether it is graphic design, programming, marketing or business development. Open the doors of opportunities to a brighter future.

2. Earn moolah with your skills

Apply your skills learnt in your diploma course to the real world in these six months. You can attempt to return as an intern at the same company or industry as the one you did your poly internship at. You wouldn’t have to submit internship reports to your poly lecturer this time round. Relish in the joy of earning your own keep with the skill sets that you are already known and certified for!

3. Learn new things hands-on

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to get your hands on? When you’re on an internship, you get to do things that you’ll otherwise not have a chance to. Be it working in customer service at a bank or building a social media community for a brand, these are some possible internships a poly grad can easily ace and get a taste of what it’s like to be in these positions.

4. Pick up soft skills in the working world

Think you need to improve on your social skills? Perhaps school was not the best platform to train yourself up professionally when it comes to EQ. Once you’re in the working world, you get to learn from the school of hard knocks. Building relationships with colleagues and working in a team effectively are essential skills that will benefit you for the rest of your working life.

5. A chance to change tracks

If you have other keen interests beyond your diploma discipline, here’s your opportunity to try out other areas! For instance, if you are completing an engineering diploma which you ended up in due to limiting O level scores, now is the perfect time to pursue your long-standing but neglected interest in creative writing or even media production. Instead of just reading and drawing in your own free time, why not aim for an internship at a publisher or a production house?

You may think they would rather hire someone with a relevant diploma, but the fact is when you are still very young. You can have one foot in the door based on interest and passion alone. Companies are still keen to hire you as an intern as long as you’re willing to slog it out.

6. Network professionally  

Once you’ve gotten the internship of your choice, treasure your time there and build relationships with seniors at work. You may or may not end up as long-term friends but these are important connections that can offer you leads and advice in your career or studies ahead.

There you have it, there are so many reasons to go searching for a fulfilling internship after poly ends and before uni begins. While it is tempting to simply take on convenient part-time gigs like those in the F&B industry as a wait staff, you will thank yourself in future for looking for more meaningful stints. You’ll not regret this especially in the long run when you’re charting out your career path and job hunting upon securing a degree. Every little step goes a long way and it’s time to take the first step once you’re done with your diploma. Soon you’ll realise that your internship gives you added perspectives to your classroom learning, and vice versa!

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