5 ways Gary Vaynerchuck rebranded himself and how career switchers can do it too

Preparing yourself for a career switch is tricky business, and personal branding is the most important step. Read on to find out how Gary Vaynerchuck, ‘America’s wine guy’, transformed himself into a best-selling author, entrepreneur and internet personality. Here are five ways to personal branding for career switchers.

1. You have what it takes

“Instead of focusing on what you do not have, know who you are and take advantage of it,” said Gary Vaynerchuck in an interview with Startup Grind. Career switchers need to know that they have what it takes.

The truth is you can have relevant background to any field of your choice (provided it’s not too technical). Careers in medicine, law and architecture require a professional licence from half a decade of specialised training. Your doorstep in the world of design, yoga teaching, or real estate is much simpler, especially if you have already spent a year immersing in the craft and trade itself. This brings us to the next point of credibility.

2. Stop feeling like an impostor, says Gary Vaynerchuck

gary vaynerchuck

You don’t need anyone’s permission to brand yourself as an expert in the field you’re looking to move to. The only person you need permission from is yourself, as Gary Vaynerchuck mentioned. Instead of focusing on your past successes in your old career specialisation, now that you’re looking to switch paths, your resume and the career statement on it should reflect your expertise in the field you wish to enter. Say it, write it in your career statement and believe it.

3. Career switchers should connect with role models gary vaynerchuck

Find yourself some mentors who can help ease your transition. It is just as crucial to maintain a good reputation, as it is to network and respond promptly and professionally to others who reach out to you. Be it passion, vision and action as shown by Gary Vaynerchuck, or other behaviour and engagement styles you can pick up from other role models, start looking out for admirable qualities you can emulate from successful figures in your professional or private life.

4. Build networks for the transition as you build on personal branding

“Saying hello doesn’t have a ROI. It’s about building relationships,” said Gary Vaynerchuck, who thinks that networking should be fun and full of opportunities. If you know anyone who has made a successful switch, or is welcoming of newcomers to the scene, don’t leave such a stone unturned. Attend meetups in the industry you’re trying to break into. Get insights from insiders who may have a tip or two for you or even introduce new projects and openings that are up your alley.

5. See personal branding for career switchers as an ongoing journey, not a racegary vaynerchuck

As how Gary Vaynerchuck declares his love for the journey, the process, the grind and the climb, he emphasises the work, the sweat, pain and gratitude that comes along with it. Career transition is not a linear path toward some Eureka moment of enlightenment. Often it is about plotting dots along the way, and only seeing how they connect on hindsight. After Gary Vaynerchuck rebranded his family’s wine business as Wine Library and grew the business from its worth of $3 million to $60 million, he established himself in a brand new field of social media, starting from zero.

Ready to execute your craft and brand yourself for it? Just like how Gary Vaynerchuck is now endorsed for his strengths in consulting for digital marketing and social media, you can work your way towards success in the professional field of your choice. Personal branding for career switchers isn’t an impossible task.

Remember that you should not confine yourself to an area which you’re traditionally good at, for instance, based on your first degree or first job. Neither should you let others pigeon-hole you based on just one aspect of your education or professional attainment. The best way to prevent such narrow thinking is to constantly brand yourself effectively for the role and industry you’re looking to join. Build on and see your worth in the field so that others will acknowledge it too.

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