5 Reasons Why You Need An Internship

Never, for one second, believe anyone who tries to convince you into believing that internships are useless and is a complete waste of time. Internships are getting increasingly important for students to obtain. So why is it so important? Here, we provide you with 5 reasons why you  need to have an internship.

1) To Gain A Better Chance of Being Hired

Hiring managers are biased toward job-seeking candidates who possess relevant working experience. Those who have undergone an internship are highly preferred over those who don’t for full-time positions. Make sure that your resume do not fall to the back of the pile once you step into the working force by adding in an internship or two! Do you know how to build a resume?

2) To Network

You never know who might meet during your internship stint – the next Bill Gates, someone who could offer you a full-time job, a mentor…? Should there come a day where you need a favor, these contacts will be highly useful for you to possess. You should read this article on giving a great first impression to be prepared.

Other than professional contacts, you will also get a chance to network with passionate, like-minded peers. Friendships will no doubt blossom, and such relationships can serve as emotional and mental support for you in the future. Hey, having a few more friends doesn’t hurt, right?

3) To Develop New Skills

You’ll constantly be tasked with things to do during your internship. This is the perfect opportunity for you to pick up new skills to become a better intern and employee in the future. When your boss needs you to edit a promotional video for the company, instead of simply shrugging your shoulders and saying “Oh, I’m not familiar with video editing… Can you find someone else?”, you should take the initiative to learn how to. New skills such as these can be transferred to your resume which will aid in securing any other future jobs! Better if you can learn these top skills sought by many employers.

4) To Earn More Once You Graduate

Other than being preferred by hiring managers, those who have a few internships under their belt also start out with a fatter paycheck than the rest. This is because job candidates are seen to be of higher value if they have had relevant experience in the industry. Which makes total sense because not only will they possess more skills than the average job-seeker, they also have a deeper understanding on how the working world is like.

5) To Turn It Into a Job

So, you’ve found your calling after interning at a company for three months – what now? If you’ve made a positive impact on the company during your stint as an intern, there could very well be a full-time job opening waiting for you once you graduate. Not only do the employees at the company have a clear idea of your capabilities and working attitude, they will also feel bonded to you. Hiring managers like to hire job candidates who had previously interned under their company because it will take less time for ex-interns to get into the swing of doing work.

An internship can be draining at times but we promise that it’ll be worth it.

Are there any more reasons why you have chosen to take up internships? Do feel free to let us know and we’ll also add those reasons in the article!

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