5 Hacks to be Efficient and Productive in the office

We totally understand those days where you simply cannot get stuff done in the office. You’d probably be procrastinating day-in-day and day out and simply being unable to find a way to stay focus to meet those deadlines.

Chin up! We’ll provide you with some hacks, in hopes of turning those dreadful hours in the office into a more efficient and productive ones.

1.Unread your emails


Emails – they never stop coming in don’t they? Be it from your HR manager sending a mass email introducing a new colleague in the office to the most important email from a big client, practicing the Inbox zero strategy is a good habit.

By having ‘read’ all emails, this increases productivity in the office as you are then able to plan out which tasks you should prioritise over the others. Emails that require urgent follow-up should be completed first.


PHOTO: Spotify Focus Playlist

Similar to commuting on the MRT/bus, plugging your headphones in during office hours helps to shut all the distractions and it would also signify to your colleagues that you’re busy.

Music helps to keep you focused in completing that one task and eliminates the most minimal sounds in the surrounding.

If your usual commute playlist makes you want to groove along instead of keeping you focused, hit the focus’ playlists available on Spotify.

Everyone’s music preference differs, so choose whichever genre that helps you focus best!

One thing to keep in mind though – make sure you keep your music volume at a considerate level so it doesn’t end up being a distraction to your colleagues.

3. Organise your desk

PHOTO: Pexels

You’d probably find this familiar – scrambling through stacks of white papers on your desk but failing to find that important document for the meeting that you’ve got to attend in 10 minutes.

We’ve all ‘been there done that’ so, cut the guilt!

By having a neatly arranged and organised desk, it not only saves time looking for materials frantically but also ‘programs’ your mind on how many more tasks awaits for completion.  

Grab some mini-shelves or magazine files from IKEA to remove the clutter and make your workspace looking all fresh.

To keep a reminder of all the datelines you have on hand, having a mini cork board with post-its of checklists and calendar would be helpful too.

4. Munch your way through


We suggest having your own ‘mama shop’ at your desk. Stock up on all the snacks – biscuits, chocolates, sweets (anything that makes you happy). You’ll thank yourself later for having the snacks to release some endorphins after an intense meeting with your clients.

Instead of having your favourite junk food(s), stocking up on brain foods such as raisins, muesli bars and nuts are recommended alternatives. Not only will these snacks make you feel less lethargic, it’ll also boost your brainpower and makes you more focused at work – another tick off the to-do list then! 

As the saying goes, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, plonking some fruits into your own food stash should be considered too.

5.Have a break – have a kit-kat!


Every human has their own attention span when completing a task or when listening to lectures/meetings. After hours at work, our brains would slowly numb out and eventually lose focus.

We’d suggest taking short breaks in between discussions – even if it means just getting up from your office chair. Especially if you are going bonkers figuring out a new solution to a task, stretching a little keeps blood flowing and sends some oxygen to your brain.

Perks of having a huge office – take a stroll around it. Even if it means walking a few steps to your colleague’s desk, it’s still an effort made. Nonetheless, if your office’s a small space cramped with humans and office desks, why not take a stroll downstairs?

Take the time to rest your eyes from all the staring at your LED screens and appreciate the greenery all around you.

You might look like you’re slacking off from work so limit yourself to a 10-15 minutes break only. Taking a break any longer than that could be perceived as a bad impression to your colleagues or boss too. So, always keep watch of time!

These 5 hacks are just a few you could follow during office hours. Everyone has their own ways to be more efficient but as you go along, you’d probably figure what works best!

Don’t Kheng at work! Get your stuff done and you won’t need to bring it home over the weekends.

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