5 Fun Trips You Can Take for Long Weekends (And How to Save Up for it)

The one dilemma that we all face – we want to travel but we do not want to use up our vacation leave. The ultimate solution? Make use of your public holidays and long weekends to hop on a place and get a short break away from Singapore.

Read on to discover 5 fun trips that you can take during the upcoming weekends. Plus, we also provide you with tips so that you would be able to save up for these holidays.

1. Penang, Malaysia

Going for a quick getaway to Penang would be ideal for those who love indulging themselves in good and cheap street food. For those who are unaware, Penang is renowned for being the food paradise in Malaysia. Also, you can burn off all the calories you gained by hunting down creative murals along the streets of Penang. It’s also a one hour and a half flight away from Singapore, making it a perfect destination for a short 4D3N or 3D2N relaxing trip.

2. Bali, Indonesia

Yes, you may have been to Bali multiple times already but honestly one can never get enough of Bali. Whether or not it is chilling by the beautiful beaches of Seminyak, taking gorgeous, breathtaking pictures of the legendary Tanah Lot during sunset or experiencing unique dining adventures in Balinese cafes, there’s something in Bali for everyone.

Going to Bali during the long weekend will also give you the perfect opportunity to recharge and unwind, so this is definitely a place to go to if you have been feeling the stress from work or school.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Singaporeans love eating and shopping and bargaining, and it is no wonder why Singaporeans love flocking to Bangkok for holidays. And you should too! Expect mouth-watering, tears-inducing spicy Thai cuisine, cheap bargains that you can snagged on and a place with impeccable hospitality. Aside from that, there is a rather developed transport system in Bangkok, making it such a breeze to travel around – definitely a perfect destination for families with kids or just laid back people in general.

4. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

For the adventurous and nature lovers, Ha Long Bay will wow you. Escape into a day of thrill and excitement as you participate in the outdoor activities offered in Ha Long Bay. You can expect activities like climbing, kayaking, snorkeling or even yoga sessions on the beach. For nature lovers, you will be treated to one of the world’s natural wonders and your eyes will get to feast on emerald waters with towering limestone islands amidst it.

5. Hong Kong

If you have a love for dimsum, Disneyland and shopping, Hong Kong will be your paradise on earth. A place known as a food paradise to many, get ready to indulge yourself in char siew pao, shrimp dumblings, or the typical cha chan tengs food fair.

We recommend getting scrambled eggs, buttered toast and macaroni soup at this place called Austalian Dairy Company – You have to go there at least once! Aside from keeping your stomach happy with food, soak in the magical ambience of Hong Kong’s Disneyland.

How to save up for those holidays

1. Take up another job

Sometimes, your purse may feel a little tight due to the expenses that are piling up, whether or not it’s your university school loan, or the multiple wedding dinners that you have to attend. If you have the energy and time, perhaps you could take up another job to supplement your travelling expenses. For the working adults, teaching tuition lessons are a popular option due to the flexibility that tutoring is able to afford you. If not, try to pick up a freelance job that allows you to work from anywhere at anytime.

2. Eliminate an unnecessary purchase and find alternatives

You may be surprised, but sometimes some of the little purchases you made do add up to quite a huge amount. If you are getting a Starbucks everyday before you start working, maybe it is time to stop and save this cash for your next trip.

That does not mean that you cannot get your daily coffee fix, you could perhaps look for alternatives like the free coffee pantry in your office or a cheaper cup of coffee that will do the same job.

Psst..  Remember to chope your leave before your colleagues beat you to it! In the meantime, save up so that you would be able to have a comfortable getaway when you are overseas.

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