5 Benefits of Early Career Planning

Think it’s too early to start your career planning? Fresh out of poly and want to enjoy your freshman year? Read on to discover why planning for your career early can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever have made.


1. It Helps Identify Your Interests

Taking extra lessons on programming or creative writing, joining a cultural studies group or electronic music production club at school is all part of career planning. Discovering what you are really good at and enjoy doing helps you focus on pursuing a career in a field of your choice. Besides, paying more attention to their interests often helps aspiring entrepreneurs identify the niche for their business.


Source: CareerMuse Blog
Source: CareerMuse Blog


I didn’t realize I had such great enthusiasm for creative writing until I was hired by Glints earlier this summer. Having just finished my first year in university, I now consider improving my writing skills, possibly starting my own blog and maybe pursuing a career in the creative field. This (relatively) early experience gives me plenty of time to develop my skills in something I enjoy doing. It also narrows down the scope of my career choices, giving me some peace of mind as to what would suit me in a sea of options which can be overwhelming.


2. It Prepares You Mentally and Intellectually for a Career

Deciding on a major that is in line with your personal interests and what you will potentially take up as a career will give you solid working knowledge of the trade. This knowledge will help you identify solid and realistic career goals, an important part of career planning.

Yes, it is entirely possible to major in classical music and end up becoming a trader. However, studying for four years about something close to the career you end up in still sounds more appealing, doesn’t it? With four years’ worth of knowledge, you’ll be more prepared to get your hands dirty in the field you’ve chosen. Studying a relevant major also prepares you mentally for the type of work you’ll expect to have when you graduate. This is also true because the internships you’ll apply for will also be targeted and focused on relevance to your major, giving you mental preparation for the eventual full-time job.


Source: Goldwater Financial Group
Source: Goldwater Financial Group


3. It Provides You With Valuable Experience

Experience can teach you a wealth of lessons almost nothing else will: what you enjoy doing everyday, what you cannot tolerate and what you would rather be doing only over the summer.

Taking an internship as part of career planning is a perfect way to gain such experience. Other ways to gain interesting experience while still getting ahead of the rest include travelling, learning a new skill and writing about your interests. Click here to find out how to differentiate yourself from your peers starting this summer!


4. It Allows For Smoother Transition Between Studies and a Career

Building up industry-specific knowledge and skills via internships is an integral part of career planning. Internships not only give students an edge over others during the job application process, it also helps reduce the shock when transitioning from studies to the workforce. During the internships, students will take on responsibilities full-time similar to those of employees. This will help acquaint them with the stress level, work ethics and the skills required when they officially enter the workforce.


Source: California State University
Source: California State University


5. It Provides With Networking Opportunities

Internships also provide valuable networking opportunities. Business contacts, advice on the industry and possible graduate job offers are but some benefits of networking during your internship. This helps your career planning tremendously by increasing your chances of securing a job in the field you’ve chosen.

Want to know how to start on your career planning process? Click here to read Part Two of our career planning article and start planning for your career pathway now!



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