3 Things to Include when Building up your Online Portfolio

It’s the 21st century! Physical portfolios are rarely looked at these days and an online website or online portfolio would be the replacement of it all.

Quit stressing on needing to code your own site. There are websites that give you a headstart such as Wix.com and weebly.com that provides free templates for you to use.

You could also consider buying your own domain which allows you to design as you please. Main difference is e.g. “nadia.weebly.com” VS “nadia.com”.

Still wondering what are some essentials to include? Chill-lah! – here’s top 3 top tips on creating an AWESOME website to make your future boss go “WOAH STEADY AH!”


An impressive landing page for your online portfolio will win people over!


Imagine yourself going for a job interview – you’d likely put on your best looking tie/dress won’t ya? It’s similar to your landing page – the page visitors are directed to upon clicking your website link. It’s where you give your visitors a “first impression”.

Whilst having a ‘still’ landing page is the norm, having ‘2-3 times scroll down’ landing page makes it a tad more interactive as it keeps visitors wanting to know more. (E.g. bellywellyjelly.com)

Colours schemes picked do play an important role too. I’d recommend you choosing basic colours (e.g. white, black or grey) as this upholds a professional side of you.

Here’s an example:

Ensure your online portfolio has a direction and theme.


Ensure that your online portfolio shows a clear direction of the kind of theme you are going for. For example, a writing portfolio, graphic design portfolio or even a front-end web development portfolio.

Oh yes! Make sure your navigations are visible or else, say goodbye to your visitors!


Once visitors are on your online portfolio’s landing page, they would then look for the next call to action. That’s where top header navigations come in handy. The basic ones includes having – ‘About’, ‘Projects’, as well as ‘Contact’.

To ease the problem of needing to click multiple times before finding the content, I’d suggest you have dropdowns per header. This allows visitors to pick out the type of works they’d like to view.

For e.g. as a media student, the dropdown of your top header “Works” could include – PR, Articles, Videos, and Photography, just to name a few.

Here’s an example (when you click projects there are these dropdowns):

Dropdowns per header make a more organised online portfolio.



Away from boring old emails and calls, your social media handles are easiest for future employers to contact you. Be sure to include them in your online portfolio!

With a quick search through Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, your future employers would eventually find you. Why not just add them in?

These handles reveal your non-professional personality which could resonate with site visitors. Who knows your own interests could end up being a ‘PLUS’ to your future boss with shared hobbies or e.g. rock climbing. (Another climbing buddy gained, yas!)

Instagram for instance, acts as an alternative site to feature your photography skills or vlogs. To many businesses out there (startups essentially), your skills could help to fully capitalize their official IG page.

A bonus would be to include your Linkedin account as this reveals your past education and work experiences that would be too wordy to be showcased on your About Page.

One last tip! –  Don’t forget to add in a list of your clienteles inside your online portfolio to increase your credibility. Regardless of how known the company is, it’s still a value add to future companies. Who knows if those companies are partners with those you’ve worked with? It’ll help to create a rapport once you’re hired!


Add in a list of your clientele on your online portfolio for credibility.


Also, have a feedback/message box along with your email/contact number so others can collaborate with you! For some, they’d also have a mailing list so your followers can be constantly updated.


Give people a chance to collaborate through your online portfolio.


Now that you’ve learnt the essentials in starting your online portfolio, let the creativity in you let loose!

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