3 Reasons Why You Should Hone Your Skills

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You couldn’t be more wrong if you think you’ve perfected your skills – learning never stops and here are 3 reasons why you should be constantly working on your skill sets.

1) Yours To Keep For Life

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How many times have you heard someone telling you that those alphabets on your ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels wouldn’t matter anymore once you step into the workforce? If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard it just about a million times. There’s an element of truth to it: your academic achievements and resume get you through the door for an interview opportunity but when it comes down to actually performing well at a job?

It all boils down to your skill-sets. Interpersonal skills dictate if your colleagues smile and wave to you when you pass by them; leadership skills determine whether your manager allows you to embark on a project on your own; writing skills allow you to put your ideas across in a clear and concise manner. These skills are yours for life and they remain applicable throughout the ages: it makes absolute and utter sense for you to continually work on them to improve on yourself.

2) Learning Never Stops

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If you think that you’ve mastered your skills, then I’m here to burst your bubble. As John Maxwell has so wisely said, “the greatest enemy of learning is knowing”. There is always something new to learn about a skill: applying it to new areas and people. Furthermore, the working environment is constantly evolving: your current problem-solving skill sets might not solve the dilemmas of tomorrow. Recognising the fact that you will never know how much you don’t know allows you to have an open mind-set and set forth on honing your existing skills.

3) Skills Make You Stand Out

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Let’s compare two interns at work: A and B. They both have similar academic achievements, job experiences and are both well-liked by people who come into contact with them. However, A is way more versatile and coachable than B. Who do you suppose will encounter a smoother progression up the corporate ladder?

When you are continuously working on your existing skills, you will definitely stand out in comparison to your fellow interns. You’ll be better equipped to take on new challenges, new projects and opportunities which might come along your way.

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