3 Quick Tips to Give A Great Impression

You have one chance to make a first impression!

First impressions are incredibly powerful; research has shown that appearances have the ability to override facts. In time-pressed situations such as job interviews, individuals are likely to make judgments based on their gut feelings. What this means, is that if you’ve made a poor first impression, it could potentially cost you a job – no matter how well you perform during the actual interview!

You need to get your act together within the first 30 seconds of meeting your interviewer for the very first time. Here are 3 quick tips to ensure a great first impression.


1) Clean Up Your Social Media Sites


In the modern world of applicant screening, social media background checks have gained prevalence. Be sure to delete offensive Facebook statuses, tweets or even blog posts. Allowing hiring managers to see tweets like “Omg #zouk tonight is crazy!!! #turndownforwhat” or “Shit I have work tomorrow urgh I just want to nua all day…” will definitely not portray you in a positive light. If going through every single one of your status updates or tweets is too troublesome, SimpleWash is able to do all the work for you by flagging inappropriate content on your platforms. Or you could simply privatize all your accounts. There are many ways to improve your social media sites!


2) Dress to Impress

The first thing the hiring manager notices when you walk through the door will be your appearance. People who dress appropriately for an interview are more likely to secure the job. It always helps to dress according to the guidelines set out by the hiring company; if the company prefers “business casual”, then be sure to dress accordingly. When in doubt, it never hurts to email the company to enquire about the appropriate interview dress code. In fact, you might even impress them with your enthusiasm and willingness to source for information. To start off, you can look at these budget fashionable office attires!


3) Be Mindful of Your Body Language


A crucial component in the formation of a positive first impression is your body language. This covers everything from how you carry yourself, how you walk, and how you position your body during the course of the interview. Therefore, during the course of the interview, be aware of your own body language, and correct it.  Practicing in front of a mirror, or looking at yourself in a video will provide you with crucial information on how you can present the best version of yourself.

Practise makes perfect. The same applies to job interviews and preparing for them. With enough practise and improvements along the way, you are on your way to tap dancing through every single job interview. Talking about interview, do you know how to answer these common interview questions?







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