3 questions to assess company culture and job-fit in Singapore

In the job application and interview processes, you get to know more about the company on a deeper level, beyond the brand or the company’s website. You’ll gather important information that helps you decide whether to join the company or not. Here are three questions to ask yourself to properly assess company culture and job-fit!

1. Is there a match between your interests and skills with the job scope?

Be honest with yourself when assessing the match between your interests, skills and the job scope. If you truly enjoy coding and solving problems, then the app development role you’re eyeing on would be something you’ll genuinely enjoy. This is especially important when you’re making a career switch to hop on a new tech trend.

Aside from working to fund your travels or your BTO flat, there should be something in the company’s mission or the job nature itself which spurs you on. Look for the spark which helps you to feel that you’re getting paid to do something you enjoy (or believe in, at the very least). This is crucial for a suitable company culture and job-fit. 

2. What is the management style like?

Apart from the role at hand, assess company culture and job-fit through observing its management style. It will be largely dependent on management style and how most of the employees are like. These have a direct influence on the kinds of relationships you’ll have at the workplace, if they’re supportive and nurturing or more hierarchical.

Think of situations in which the management asserts their influence — if they dictate, persuade, consult or delegate when it comes to decisions and goals. A startup will have flexible working schedules yet comes with a great emphasis on high quality work. On the other hand, traditional companies are likely to emphasise on promptness and punctuality. Other than the leaders, employees make up the culture at a workplace too.

3. How are your colleagues going to be like?

You will be spending lots of time at work with your colleagues of varied personalities besides constant interaction with managers. Whether the company is fast-growing or already established, think of the department culture, if it is more competitive or collaborative internally, then decide if you thrive in such environments. Company culture and job-fit will resonate easily with you if it’s a perfect match.

The practices of the department, such as unspoken rules and habits of speech and interaction are an unwritten code of conduct which you should be able to adapt to. Know what you are looking for, be it an environment that that is cosy and uplifting, or a more bureaucratic place with rules to follow.  

Your comfort level with the company and the role determines how long you are going to stay! It is also about how much you will enjoy your time there and grow as an individual, not just professionally. That relates to your mental health and how productive you can be, so do consider carefully. 🙂

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