3 follow-ups after a job interview and how to reject a job offer

So, what happens after the job interview? The job search process doesn’t end there – you could follow up, send your portfolio across or work on the next interview. If you’re not seasoned with the job interview process, here are three follow-ups after a job interview you can use and one tip on rejecting a job offer with grace.  

1. Say thank you right after the first meeting

By the next day, always thank your interviewers for the opportunity to meet with them and affirm your interest in the role and the organisation. In the email, state how you are looking forward to help the company attain its goals with your skills and expertise. While it’s good to sound confident of your existing skills, it’s even better to sound hungry about picking up new ones and learning new things. Conclude the ‘thank you’ email with an interesting point from the interview, such as looking forward to growing with the company in its future direction, and highlighting the synergy that you would bring.

Arguably one of the most important follow-ups after a job interview, do this to create a great impression.

2. Chase if you need to

During the interview, you should have exchanged some words about what to expect after the interview. Ideally you would have an idea of how long you need to wait before hearing about the next round or the final offer. It could be anytime from a week to a few months, depending on the company’s timeline. If you have another offer on hand and want to check on the company’s interest in hiring you, you can drop HR a line politely explaining your situation. Chase with tact and wait a week each time before your next follow-up call is fine because patience is a virtue!

3. Don’t burn bridges after rejection

If you’ve been rejected, do send an email to thank the interviewers and HR coordinator for their time. Experiences you gain from the job search process, even if you are rejected, are also part of your growth journey. Leaving a good impression helps if you are going to apply to the company again in future.

4. Be humble and polite when turning down an offer

Rejecting an offer needs to be done with grace. When you get more than one job offer, you have to decide which offer is the best for yourself. After that, congratulations, you have your choice! Then it’s on to the skilful art of rejection of a job offer. Thank the HR manager and interviewers for the opportunity and let them know it was a difficult decision to make. Do state outrightly or subtly that you’re interested in the company in future and that you will try to attend some of its events which may have been shared with you during the interview.

In short, all responses and contact with companies after job interviews need to be handled with care, just like any interaction before the interview. Be confident and polite, never proud or rude! No matter how much the interviewers may seem to have taken a liking to you, remember there is always competition out there. As a jobseeker, it’s important to come across as prompt, interested and sincere. Also, if you need an extension to decide on any job offer, do state so! Asking for a week is reasonable. 🙂

Now that you know all about the possible follow-ups after a job interview, it’s time to work on that smile and handshake. Get going!


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