3 Budget Stylish Interview Outfits

When you’ve got a tight budget, putting together an interview outfit that looks polished and professional can be tough. However, here at Glints, we’ve got you covered with 3 stylish yet budget-friendly interview outfits, all under a hundred dollars!

1) The Professional


A dark-colored, tailored blazer is a must for professional interview settings. Opt for a simple, no-frills dress, so that you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable top. (Psst, this saves you money too!) If the outfit is too dark for your liking, feel free to pair the blazer with a lighter-colored dress. Complete the look with a pair of closed toe heels, or flats for a comfortable yet stylish look.

Steal the Professional Look:

Uniqlo’s Women Soft Jersey Jacket ($39.90)

Flaunt Show Some Shoulder Dress ($25.00)

Koumi Koumi Esstella Pointy Heels ($26.90)


Total: $91.80

2) The Business Chic


This look is inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge. However do note that a navy blue blazer is slightly more casual than a black one so do exercise caution when donning this outfit. This get-up is suitable for more laid-back interview settings. Once again, complete the look with simple closed toe shoes.

Tip: Remember to always wear shoes you’re comfortable with.


Steal the Effortlessly Chic Look:

Uniqlo’s Women Stretch Blazer ($39.90)

Love and Bravery Peterpan Shift Dress Navy ($32.00)

Velvet Classic Pointy Ballerinas ($26.90)


Total: SGD$98.80

3) The Start-Up Ready


The startup scene is young, vibrant and energetic. Your interview outfit will therefore need to show that you understand the industry’s unique culture by dressing appropriately. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is not okay to turn up for a startup interview decked in a simple T-shirt and jeans! The rule of thumb is simply to dress a step above the current employees of the company. Go for a classic blouse with tailored pants and you’re good to go.

Steal the Start-Up Ready Look:

Uniqlo’s Women Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt ($29.90)

Mango Slim-Fit Cotton Blend Trousers ($39.90)

Something Borrowed Pointed Toe Pumps ($27.90)

Total: SGD$97.70

(All information and prices correct as of 1800 hours, 3rd May, 2015)

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