10 Reasons For An Overseas Internship

Why should you go on an overseas internship? It’s far, it’s uncertain and sometimes a bit risky. But it is also the ultimate internship experience for the following reasons:


1. You’ll have a memorable experience

Working and living overseas is still the best approach yet to explore the culture in another country. You will not only experience different cultural practices and lifestyles, but also get out of your comfort zone and develop into a more mature individual.


2. You’ll make connections around the world

From friends to colleagues, from friendships to professional network, you will develop meaningful connections that will open up opportunities in the future.


Source: nique.net
Source: nique.net


3. You’ll develop a better understanding and appreciation for people from all walks of life

Spending time with people from different backgrounds will give you a better understanding and respect for them. Spending your whole life at home easily restricts your knowledge of people’s background and their socio-economic well-being to a narrow range. Being close to people from another country will open up your knowledge and appreciation for them.


4. You’ll develop a better cultural understanding (and reduce future culture shocks)

Cultural knowledge, sensitivity and appreciation is increasingly becoming an important criterion adopted by employers in multinational companies. Having experience working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds is therefore extremely beneficial for your development as a job candidate as well as an individual.


5. You’ll improve your overall self-confidence

Going on an overseas internship exposes you to job situations that require strong interpersonal, persuasion or presentation skills. This will push you out of your comfort zone and sharpen your self-confidence. Having interacted with people from different culture also sharpen your cultural sensitivity, thereby improving your confidence in the workplace as you will have practical working knowledge being part of a multi-cultural workplace.


Source: blog.sarawakyes.com
Source: blog.sarawakyes.com


6. You’ll have invaluable transferable skills

These include interpersonal skills, conversational and public speaking, cultural sensitivity, etc. and in some cases a new foreign language, as immersing in the native culture is the best practice to hone your language skills. These skills will come in exptremely handy in your future workplace, no matter what industry.


7. You’ll increase your chances of getting the job you want

Having experienced a different working environment, overcoming culture shock and being an independent individual continue to be attractive traits in a desirable candidate. Going on an overseas internship increases your chances of getting a job overseas as well as back home.


Source: www.lifeafterstudyabroad.com
Source: www.lifeafterstudyabroad.com

For more information on how having experience living overseas can benefit your future employment, take a look at this article on benefits of overseas programmes and why you should consider exchange programmes.


8. You’ll develop a new outlook

Witnessing a different culture and way of life, immersing in a new working environment, and learning something new about yourself are but a few benefits of an overseas internship.


9. You’ll learn to conquer your fears

Overcoming culture shock and learning to live away from your close friends and families helps you win against personal apprehensions and grow as a more mature and independent individual.


10. An overseas internship opens up your options

You will learn about what it really takes to get a job overseas, as well as gain a competitive edge should you decide to have a job back at home. This will open up your options for employment after graduation.




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