Gear up for these 10 epic winter internships happening soon!

Winter is coming! (Hands up if you get the reference.) If you do not have any plans to jet around the world, why not consider doing a winter internship? It is a way to fill up your holidays while earning some extra kaching for your next school semester – not to mention the great experience of learning from the pros themselves.

Why go for winter internships?

A winter internship is not very popular among students for a variety of reasons. The short period of break holiday would you are not able to do a full internship over several months. Many students find it a hassle to go through the process of crafting the resume, sending out their applications and going for interviews just to land themselves an intern job position.

But wait, don’t let this deter you.

Here’s why winter internships will give you an advantage.


With the fact that most students do away with a winter internship, the chances are that you will be facing lesser competitors for that intern job position you are applying for. Good news, aye? Aside from that, to work around the short length of internship, consider asking your intern company if they could accept you as a part time intern when you start school. We have heard of a few successful cases of that and who knows, that could be you too.

Without further ado, here’s the grand list of 10 best internships this winter. From marketing to business development to operations, you are definitely bound to find something that suits you.

1. Ninja Van: Marketing Intern

winter internship marketing


For all those who love the excitement, adrenaline and thrill of working in a dynamic start up, why not consider this marketing position at Ninja Van for your winter internship?

As a marketing intern at Ninja Van, you  will get the opportunity to be exposed to various facets of marketing, and your responsibilities also include Public Relations and Consumer Insights. You will also let your creative juices flow, being  involved in executive marketing initiatives and creating briefs for marketing collaterals. With a wide range of tasks you can expect at Ninja Van, you will be guaranteed to takeaway multiple valuable skillsets which could give you an advantage when you step out into the working world in future.

Zoom away with Ninja Van here.


2. WWF: Design Internwinter internship design intern singapore

This one’s for those who are interested in anything wildlife and environment related. If you’ve got the knack for creating visual designs and infographics, this design intern position at WWF could be an opportunity that you would like. In this job, it would be great if you are adept at the Adobe creative suite. Having experience in print and web design would also score you points with the hiring managers.

Apply here.


3. Performance Marketing Intern

winter internship performance marketing


If your friend thinks that you are a closet math geek and you have a secret obsession for data and statistics then maybe a performance marketing intern position at will be right up your alley. As a performance intern, some of the things you can expect to do includes tracking metrics of marketing campaigns, reviewing their performance before providing any recommendations. If you have had prior experience in Google AdWords, Google Analytics or Facebook campaigns, then don’t hesitate to give this position a try.

Apply here.


4. Metropolitan YMCA: Corporate Marketing Intern and Corporate Fundraising Intern

winter internship corporate marketing

Got a big heart and want to leave an impact on the community and youths? Why not give these two positions a try?

Got an eye for aesthetics? You may just be very well suited for this corporate marketing position at Metropolitan YMCA (MYMCA). Your daily tasks are varied, so there will always be exciting thigns on your plate. You will be involved in planning and executing events, brand building to communication strategy. You will also help to draft briefs and schedule event rehearsals. All these are things you would never get to learn from lectures and your textbooks so why not do a winter internship with MYMCA to experience the real world of marketing?

If you are great with managing finances then this corporate fundraising intern may be something of interest to you. As a corporate fundraising intern, you will work closely with the resource development manager to plan coordinate and execute various corporate events assigned, including planning and tracking event finances.

Apply here for the marketing position and here for the fundraising position.


5. Chope: Regional Content Intern

chope regional content

Chope offers a fast-paced environment in which you will be involved in improving Chope platforms across 8 cities. As a regional content intern, you will help to organize marketing collateral and work closely with the content team for their marketing and branding efforts. Know languages like Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia or Cantonese? That will help you to score an extra brownie point when you apply for this position.

Apply here.


6. Foodpanda: Sales Operation Intern

sales operation winter internship

If eating is your favourite hobby, then this job may have you drooling. The sales operation intern at Foodpanda will be involved in identifying new trending restaurants to help ensure that Foodpanda can offer the best food to their customers. Here’s another exciting bit of the job – you will get to gather intelligence on other competitors in the industry and produce analytical reports. The best part of working at Foodpanda? There’s free food Thursdays! All you foodies, don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

Apply here.


7. GoGoVan Singapore: Business Development Intern

winter internship biz development

Have a passion for business development? Consider joining GoGoVan as a business development intern where you will be involved in exploring new markets and sourcing for new business opportunities! It is quite a challenging and dynamic job but fret not, you will not be thrown into the deep waters and be forced to swim by yourself. You will be working with GoGoVan’s team of passionate crew as you help to strengthen GoGoVan’s business in Singapore.


Apply here.


8. SIM: Graphics Designer

graphic designer winter internship

Savvy with graphic designing and digital content creation and management? Get an opportunity to showcase your talent and skills in this temp position at Singapore Institute of Management as a graphic designer.

Apply here.


9. Datarama Technology: Database management intern

database management winter internship

As a database management intern, you will work closely with Datarama Technology’s senior database engineer to refine stored procedures, data ingestion and data cleansing. You will be required to be proficient in Microsoft Excel, and have completed basic databse system modules or at least have a good knowledge in SQL.

Don’t want to do a full time internship for 3 months? You can also opt for a part time internship. It’s all very flexible!

Apply here.


10. Portcast: Full Stack Development intern

full stack development winter internship

Portcast is a start-up that is at an early stage, but they have a team with deep technology expertise and industry knowledge. Join Portcast in bringing next-generation cargo predictability to logistics, especially if things like coding, front end/UI design or software tech stack interests you!

Apply here.  

Don’t let your winter holidays go to waste and get started on applying for your winter internship. Hop on our platform and start exploring today.

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