10 cool things to do after work in Singapore

Here you go — a list of 10 wonderful things to do after work. Now, that’s more incentive to be efficient at work and leave the office on time!

1. Unleash your inner Picasso

Not sure if art is really your thing? Go for art jamming first before committing to regular lessons. You can use your SkillsFuture funds and eventually go pro with lessons at NAFA or Lasalle if you are serious. Teaching yourself to paint with Youtube videos isn’t a bad choice either. Choose from a variety of mediums, be it learning the value of patience in watercolour or going for oil pastel which does not offer instant gratification. Sounds like work? Except it isn’t!

2. Find your zen on the yoga mat

Yoga is not just for those into wholesome wellness and being mindful. It’s quite the perfect workout for anyone needing to counter work stress and have a good stretch from constant sitting and hunching over the computer! Grab a friend along to try partner yoga moves. Want to take it a notch higher? Try aerial flow yoga.

3. Work it out at the gym

Exercise helps to release endorphins, increase adrenaline and builds your immunity. Sounds great for battling office central aircon germs and deskbound jobs yeah? Here’s a comparison of gym memberships in Singapore or you can look to join a boutique gym.

4. Dance your heart out

Not a gym rat? Fret not, you can get your cardio and stretches through dancing, whether through barre or zumba. Singapore is one of the best cities for learning different styles of dances, so let your hair down, pump that chest out and strut on after work.

5. Make some music

Singapore is also one of the best cities for picking up various musical instruments. Fancy playing the harp, piano, guitar, or the smaller ukulele? Is percussion more of your thing instead? Take advantage of the diverse cultures in Singapore to pick up a more exotic instrument such as the tabla drums, if that’s your beat. Make some music after work and relieve the stress away.

6. Make pretty things after work

Feeling like you have two left feet, or are tone-deaf but pretty good with your hands? Nothing is more fulfilling than crafting and creating, from leather to clay to gemstones or just pebbles… Here’s a list of creative craft workshops!

7. Just keep swimmin’

While we may think Singapore does not have majestic nature views and the rural countryside, it’s a great city for young urbanites! With the highest density of pools, gliding freely in safe waters is not so much of a luxury here, as long as you’re willing to make time for it. Aquatic fitness classes are not just for swimmers alone. Water is relaxing… be hooked and you’ll be feeling like a fish when out of the water.

8. Meet your tribe after work

Networking is a important skill and asset for young professionals. As you find your feet in your chosen industry, establishing some professional contacts may lead to mentoring or leads to more learning opportunities. Here’s a starting point for meetups based on industries.

9. Upgrade your skills for free online after work

Lifelong learning is the way to go and even young professionals can become irrelevant without constant upgrading! Check out Google Digital Garage to pick up digital skills or Microsoft Virtual Academy to take your tech skills up a notch after work when you have time. With platforms like Class Central and Coursera, you can pick from an endless range of courses offered by universities almost anywhere in the world, including homegrown NUS.

10. Climb to scale greater heights

Raring to go all out to work on self-growth in your personal time? While some may be hooked on climbing the career ladder, some enjoy the adrenaline of rock-climbing. Indoor rock-climbing is one of the latest, trending workouts to do in Singapore lately. Different styles of climbing are gradually introduced in various climbing gyms too. Those who have mastered the skill have gone on to climbing overseas on scenic holidays away from the desk. Sounds like a plan? 😉 Get your gear ready for that exercise after work!

There are so many ways you can resist being a couch potato after work. Don’t forget to make the best and most out of after-work hours especially when you’re settling in as a young member of the workforce. Now get moving – there’s lots of things to do after work now.

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