10 best LinkedIn profiles in Singapore that you should start following today

If you did not already know, LinkedIn releases a list called Power Profiles every year. As the name suggests, LinkedIn Power Profiles are the most viewed, best LinkedIn profiles of Singapore professionals. These professionals include a varied mix of people, ranging from CEOs, company founders, or other well known professionals from different views.

Here’s are the 10 best LinkedIn profiles you should follow and keep on your radar today.

1. Bryan Choo, Founder of The Smart Localbest linkedin profiles

The Smart Local is probably a website that is familiar to many of you. Starting out from a humble blog, to the current go-to lifestyle blogs for most Singaporeans, the successes of the company can be credited to the founder and managing director of The Smart Local, Bryan Choo.

Few people know this but in the early days of TSL, Bryan spent 16 hours a day working and found himself sleeping in the office for the first two years since the site launched. It is an incredible feat to see how TSL has transformed. Bryan Choo has one of the best LinkedIn profiles out there and is definitely a media entrepreneur that you should follow on your LinkedIn account.


2. Piyush Gupta, Group CEO of DBS Bankbest linkedin profiles

Those in the banking and finance sector would definitely need to check Piyush Gupta’s LinkedIn profile. It was recently reported that the Group CEO of DBS Bank enjoyed a $10.3 million pay. Gupta has many accolades under his belt too. In 2016, he won the Singapore Business Awards’ Outstanding Chief Executive of the Year. In 2014, he was also named Singapore Business Leader OF THE Year by CNBC.

As the CEO of Asia’s leading financial service group, we can see why he’s so highly respected in his profession. Go check out his LinkedIn profile soon! He writes articles as well so who knows what you may learn from there? Definitely one of the best LinkedIn profiles out there!


3. Maximilian Bittner, CEO of Lazada Groupbest linkedin profiles

CEO of leading regional online department store Lazada Group, Maximilian Bittner played an instrumental role in transforming the humble e-commerce shop into a dominant company in Southeast Asia in just five years. The group’s success has led to an $2 billion investment by e-commerce giant Alibaba. Crazy isn’t it? Follow his LinkedIn profile and who knows, you may be able to pick up a tip or two from this successful entrepreneur.

4. Krystal Choo, Founder of Wanderbest linkedin profiles

Krystal Choo is the founder of Wander, a start up that aims to bring single world travelers through the app. The app allows you to see which traveler in the same city you are in, is interested in going to the same places, or do similar activities together. The inspiration behind Wander was due to the loneliness and depression that Krystal was going through. Also as a featured international speaker, Krystal also helps to champion female entrepreneurship by speaking about her experiences as a female entrepreneurs in the male-dominated industry. She is definitely a role model to many young female millenials out there.

5. Siu Rui Quek, Founder of Carousell

best linkedin profiles

Carousell is one of the household names that almost every Singaporean would have heard about. Founder of Carousell, Siu Rui, created a shopping app from scratch with his other friends, out of their frustration from trying to buy and sell things online. Why else would he be listed as one of the best LinkedIn profiles to follow today?

Today Carousell operates in many different countries, including Australia, Hong Kong and the United States. It is also invested by Golden Gate Ventures, Sequoia India and 500 Startups. We can definitely see why Siu Rui is one of Linkedin Power Profiles.

6. Dione Song, Chief Commercial Officer of Love, Bonito

best linkedin profiles

Currently the chief commercial officer at Singapore’s own womenswear label Love, Bonito, Dione has worked with major fashion/beauty brands such as Zalora and Sephora. She was also one of the top personalities in Singapore, Forbes and The Business Times, a testament of her working capabilities.

Here’s another one of the best LinkedIn profiles to watch!  

7. Chris Feng, Chief Executive Officer of Shopeebest linkedin profiles

If you have heard of Shopee, then you need to know who Chris Feng is. Chris is the chief executive officer of Shopee since 2015. Before that he also aided in establishing ventures like Zalora and Lazada. With his commendable portfolio, it is no wonder why he was listed in the 2017 Power Profiles.

8.Roger Egan III, CEO and Co-Founder of RedMartbest linkedin profiles

Roger Egan is the CEO and co-founder of RedMart.com, Singapore’s leading online grocery service. Roger’s entrepreneur roots goes way back when he was 10, when he ran his first business shoveling snow off his neighbour’s driveway. He even hired other friends to help out in his business. His business idea for RedMart came about when he was working as a investment banker and consultant, when he realized that he did not have much free time to buy groceries. Check out his LinkedIn profile and you may get inspired too.

9. Anna Vanessa Haotanto, Founder of The New Savvy

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At the age of 29, Anna Haotanto became a millionaire by making strategic investments and saving up carefully. Now she has founded thenewsavvy.com, an online platform that aims to empower women in Asia with financial literacy skills. Her accolades do not stop there. She is also currently the president of the Singapore Management University Women Alumni, and was also selected for FORTUNE Most Powerful Women conference from 2015 to 2017.


10. Parin Meht, Director of Airbnb Asia Pacific

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Director of Airbnb Asia Pacific, Parin Mehta’s responsibilities include helping hosts on Airbnb to be as successful as possible. He was also involved in Airbnb’s launching of one of their other offerings, “Experiences” into new markets in Asia Pacific, where local insiders can guide travelers through curated activities.

Mehta has been involved in small startups to huge global corporations and is definitely a guy to follow on LinkedIn.

If you have just started building up your LinkedIn profile, then these are 10 Singapore-based LinkedIn Power Profiles that you should start following today. From entrepreneurs, to CEOs and Directors, there is a wide variety of profiles here and perhaps you could aspire to be one of them some day. Who knows, in ten years time, your LinkedIn profile could be in the list of LinkedIn’s Power Profile!

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