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I love Glints because it really does help make my job search a lot easier. So far, I have applied for two positions using the platform and I've successfully managed to get a response back to schedule for an interview for both applications.


Glints is fresh and hip for SP students and graduates, and it's targeted job and internship offerings is a great relief from other job platforms. I love the chat on Glints, as it makes me feel well taken care of. Go Glints!

Dan Dan Thio

Glints provides a lot of helpful updates through emails. With these email updates, I no longer have to visit the website regularly to look out for jobs or opportunities that may be relevant to what I am looking out for. Thank you Glints!

Xue Ting

Glints has allowed me to explore a vast array of job opportunities in various fields. Glints carefully selects information and caters specifically to my needs. With efficient service provided by the team, I can now focus on preparing myself for interviews.


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