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I am currently on my internship with StyleTheory as a Business Intern, which I managed to secure it via [email protected]! The platform was easy to navigate around and application process was hassle free. Thank you [email protected] for giving me such a wonderful opportunity!


I love Glints as it allows me to have a look at the many internship opportunities. Furthermore, the people at Glints were very helpful in trying to secure me an internship. Applying at Glints for an internship was an easy procedure. Setting up the profile was hassle free as well. Overall, it's a great platform to seek for internship opportunities.


I love Glints because you care. I get personalized emails that's quite comforting and assuring. Glint is the only portal that has a wide array of intership programme available, and my favourite thing about it is the very intuitive interface that's beyond elegant, such that it feels like an Instagram for opportunities sometimes, which is excellent, because I can scroll through hundreds of listings without being bored.


I love [email protected] because of the assurance and security I get with using the portal to find internships or jobs. With other sites, I don't feel as safe uploading my personal details and résumé as I do not know where it'll end up, or if it'll reach the companies I apply to. With [email protected], companies who are sourcing are able to find me through the comprehensive profile that is available on the portal. I am able to provide relevant information that will "sell" myself, without feeling restricted.


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